Aggreko invests over $150m into European Fleet

Aggreko have made the investment to continue to support organisations across all sectors to choose the most efficient and sustainable solutions

Aggreko has announced a £150m investment in its European fleet, as part of its One Europe strategy. The majority of this investment will focus on the Greener Upgrades portfolio, which includes new boilers, generators, batteries, and chillers that help businesses meet their net zero goals by lowering carbon emissions, NOx, and fuel consumption.

The new fleet will be available from Aggreko's depots located throughout Europe, and will support supply chain flexibility by addressing local challenges Aggreko partners face, through range of industries, including data centres, manufacturing, petrochemical, and construction, and seeks to simplify the decision-making process for businesses looking to balance sustainability with profitability. This can range from small switches, like using a smaller generator with a battery, to larger projects involving decentralized energy configurations that improve efficiency.

Aine Finlayson, Director of Product Management and Manufacturing, comments: “Greener Upgrades has been a real step-change for our customers and business in the UK, but there is still so much more to achieve together. The nature of our inbound enquiries has seen a fundamental shift lately, with more people wanting to now minimise risk, save on running costs and meet sustainability goals all at the same time. Our business model is structured to confidently respond to these challenges, but most importantly while keeping things simple for energy decision makers in a time of extreme complexity.”


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