ees Europe: Ampace Introduces UniC Series and ESS Portfolio

Dr Qingfeng Yuan, CTO of Ampace at ees Europe in Munich. Credit: Ampace
Ampace’s UniC Series features Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner technology, credentials that maximise ROI by simplifying system architecture

Ampace, a world-renowned supplier of lithium batteries, has unveiled the groundbreaking UniC all-in-one C&I Outdoor Energy Storage Series at ees Europe 2024 in Munich. 

The new additions include the UniC C1 and UniC C5, which feature enhanced economic efficiency and product reliability. While exhibiting at the conference, Ampace also displayed the All-Scenario ESS Portfolio, showcasing the company’s technological innovations and commitments to building a greener future.

Visitors at Ampace's exhibition at ees Europe in Munich. Credit: Ampace

“At Ampace, our top priorities are product safety, reliability, performance and user experience,” Dr Qingfeng Yuan, Ampace’s CTO said at the product launch.

“The industry is now facing technological challenges to unlock the potential economic value of energy, which is why we are announcing the UniC C1 and UniC C5.

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“UniC C1 and UniC C5 are designed for all-scenario energy storage needs to enable customers to maximise their energy’s return on investment (ROI).”

Introducing Ampace’s UniC All-in-one C&I Outdoor Energy Storage Series

Dr Qingfeng Yuan, Ampace’s CTO and Jason Zhu, President of Ampace's ESS Department with the new UniC range at ees Europe in Munich. Credit: Maya Derrick

During the keynote, Ampace unveiled the UniC All-in-one C&I Outdoor Energy Storage Series, featuring the revolutionary Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner technology.

This technology is designed to maximise the energy ROI by simplifying the system architecture, boosting reliability and significantly cutting operating and maintenance costs.

The UniC Series has two models, the UniC C1 — with a capacity of 92kWh for small C&I applications — and the UniC C5, with a capacity of 256kWh for medium C&I applications.

How does it work?

Ampce's UniC C5 and UniC C1, unveiled at ees Eruope in Munich. Credit. Ampace

The Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner technology consist of two key components: Full Temperature Range Control Technology and Kunlun Cell 2.0 powered by GT 40 Technology.

  • Full Temperature Range Control Technology: This is an all-in-one solution that combines heat dissipation, self-heating and temperature conditioning systems, ensuring smooth operations under different temperatures.
  • Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0: The core of the energy storage system, this is supported by GT40 technology, which is suitable for various working environments compared to previous battery designs.

To maximise customer’s energy ROI, the Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner technology regulates UniC Series’ battery temperature with a minimalist temperature control architecture, preventing potential risks such as leakage, condensation and compressor failures, as well as extending the service life to 15 years.

With the most up-to-date technology from Ampace, the UniC series boosts cycle count close to 11,000, slashing operation costs from €800 (US$857) to €200 (US$214) annually as well as reducing operation downtime. 

Ampace's launch of its UniC Series, featuring the UniC C1 and UniC C5

In terms of energy consumption loss, the UniC series cuts this to just 1.56%, while conventional C&I products lose up to 7% and 3.5% of their throughput to air conditioner and liquid cooling respectively. Thanks to the product safety design guidelines, Ampace has maintained a zero-accident record.

The UniC Series can be applied to various C&I scenarios, such as 5G base stations, data centers, high-power fast charging facilities and zero-carbon parks. The UniC C1 and C5 are expected to enter mass production in December.

An all-scenario ESS portfolio for comprehensive energy solutions

With the debut of the UniC Series, Ampace demonstrates its dedication to bringing products with higher economic efficiency and reliability to different industries. 

Next year, Ampace is expected to announce a new member to the UniC Series, the UniC i5, to further enhance customer’s benefits. Ampace will also continue to drive technological innovations to enable a greener future for the community.

Disclosure: This article is an advertorial and monetary payment was received from Ampace. It has gone through editorial control and passed the assessment for being informative.


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