Lists by Dominic Ellis


Top 10 challenges with corporate net zero transformation

Engie Impact's survey finds the managerial and operational fundamentals to enable net zero transformation are not yet in place


Top 10 electricity trends from IEA market report

Many electricity markets continue to experience skyrocketing prices, particularly in Europe, reflecting deep uncertainties, notes IEA Electricity report

Top 10 priority actions for clean energy technologies

New IEA report on clean energy technology supply chains focuses on solar PV, batteries for electric vehicles and potential of low-emissions hydrogen

Top 10 opportunities for nuclear energy

New IEA report identifies policy, regulatory and market changes that could be implemented in order to create new nuclear investment opportunities


Top 10 energy investment trends in 2022

IEA World Energy Investment 2022 report finds investment in energy transition has remained relatively robust but still far short of required targets


Top 10 issues facing African oil and gas producing countries

McKinsey report outlines key steps African oil and gas producing nations must take during the energy transition


Top 10 countries for renewable energy attractiveness

New EY report highlights best countries for renewables investment as we reach an inflection point for floating wind and solar power


Top 10 net zero and emissions barriers for heavy industry

World Economic Forum highlights 10 key challenges facing heavy industry companies on the road to decarbonisation