Articles by Ellie Dean

UK Ofgem chief preps for more energy suppliers folding

As the UK faces nothing short of an energy crisis, Ofgem chief Johnathan Brearley flags the likelihood that more suppliers will fold in the coming months

BP losing money as renewable energy efforts fall short

British oil and gas group BP is taking all the right sustainable steps but its renewable energy ventures are costing the company valuable money

UK energy industry in turmoil as gas prices surge pre-winter

The UK commences crisis talks as energy suppliers flag potential struggle amid ongoing supply chain issues and a sudden surge in UK gas prices


UK preps for energy prices to soar after grid fire in Kent

UK electricity prices are set to skyrocket following a national grid fire in Kent, rousing concerns over the country’s energy supplies heading into winter


Orbital Marine Power kickstarts US$31mn tidal energy plans

Orbital Marine Power, responsible for the most powerful global tidal turbine, triggers charge towards floating tidal energy, launching its US$31mn plans

US Solar Power plans tease electricity transformation

As US President Joe Biden calls for sustainable clean energy investments, how will the US’s renewable energy revolution affect sourcing electricity?


UK Gov announces £12mn energy storage solution competition

The UK Government is planning to provide up to £12mn in prize money to innovators competing to develop the nation’s next energy storage solutions


Future of sustainable transport held in hydrogen’s hands

Hydrogen could hold the key to the future of sustainable transport with no carbon emissions and quick-fill tanks. But how far in the future could that be?