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Blink was born out of a simple belief: Money is meant to be easy; it's meant to work for us, and not the other way around, but somewhere along the way, banks started acting more like establishments that tie us and our money down and so Blink came to inspire a new and more liberated way of banking, one that enables its customers to live with more.

Blink is all about transformation; it's about taking in the speed of our lives today and utilising that for good, to bank less and live more. It's about stopping, blinking, and giving ourselves the clarity to remember that what truly matters the most is a life well-lived.

With a rallying cry of financial freedom and putting control back in the hands of people, Blink’s brand was born to inspire a community of change-makers to join a better way of banking. It is an abstract creation that brings together different design philosophies to present an identity that is always in motion.

A key challenge Blink wanted to overcome was the extensive time traditionally taken to onboard new customers and simplifying the complicated documentation required to open a bank account and obtain a debit card with manual onboarding. Another challenge was banking the bankable but unbanked or underserved population in Jordan, with a focus mainly on digital lending to create more access to finance and support financial inclusion. 

For the everyday customer, Blink offers digital onboarding, virtual & physical card issuance, card services, digital credit card application, QR payments, bill payments, money transfers, and profile management. Blink has a forward-looking roadmap of banking services that it will avail to its customers for a comprehensive banking experience, yet one that is driven by what the customers want.

Blink adopted a customer centric design approach, one that puts the customer at

the heart of the experience. A revolutionary gesture-based UI experience was created for Blink, based almost exclusively on swiping – similar to how millennials and Gen-Zs interact with social media - the first of its kind for a neobank.

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