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Rakuten Symphony

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Rakuten Symphony has reimagined telecom based on a modern approach to operations and a revolutionary new platform. 

We embraced the principles of disaggregated networks and open interfaces to drive down costs and enable greater choice and flexibility. We developed a single, unified, data-driven, AI-enabled platform that provides zero-touch automation for our 100% cloud-native network. 

We developed and validated the hundreds of automated procedures that power one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated cloud-native networks: Rakuten Mobile. 

Our experience and innovations allow our customers to build and operate advanced, secure, high-quality networks at a substantially lower cost than conventional networks. Our approach guarantees the freedom to choose from a wide ecosystem of third-party vendors, now and in the future.

Executives in Rakuten Symphony

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Tareq Amin

CEO of Rakuten Symphony

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Rabih Dabboussi

Chief Business Officer

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