Jul 19, 2020

CleanDesign Selects LAVLE Proteus Energy Storage System for

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BURLINGTON, Wash., July 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LAVLE today announced that CleanDesign Power Systems Inc. (CleanDesign), has selected the LAVLE Proteus Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (Proteus ESS) for inclusion in its hybrid power management system for drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry.

CleanDesign's hybrid energy management and battery power system optimizes power generation on drilling rigs. The drilling rig setup consists of existing generators and the CleanDesign hybrid power upgrade. Together, the system reduces fuel consumption, lowers emissions, shortens genset runtime hours, and cuts power-related downtime on the drilling rig.

"LAVLE offers an industry leading battery solution for safety. This includes cell level thermal isolation to prevent the risk of thermal runaway, a critical feature to mitigate the risk of battery fires. The technical teams at LAVLE and CleanDesign have also worked in great detail to tailor the battery performance to the power and energy requirements of drilling at maximum rates of penetration," said Joel Donen, CEO of CleanDesign. "We are pleased to announce the selection of the LAVLE battery solution and believe it will add value to the oil and gas industry as well as support the industry's commitment and efforts around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals."

"As the world leader in hybrid drilling rig power systems, CleanDesign is an exciting partner to work with on this project, and we look forward to contributing our advanced ESS technologies to its state-of-the-art system," said Dr. Jason Nye, CEO, LAVLE. "These advanced hybrid drill rig power systems will make a meaningful impact in reducing the costs and carbon emissions related to drilling rig operations and we are proud to be part of this solution."

The first LAVLE Proteus ESS will be delivered in Fall 2020 as part of CleanDesign's global rollout of its technology to industry leading drilling rig contractors and oil and gas operators.

LAVLE USA, headquartered in Burlington, WA, is a supplier and developer of components for hybrid and electric propulsion systems for the defence, oil and gas, renewable energy, rail and marine transportation markets as well as development of battery modules using LAVLE's advanced Battery Management System (BMS). LAVLE USA also has advanced Lithium Metal Batteries (LMB) and Solid Electrolyte Batteries (SEB) under development, whose energy density will be 2-3 times that of the Proteus system, and which are enabled by 3DOM's separator technology. LAVLE's technology platform allows for the upgrade from the Proteus system to these new, advanced, LMB and SEB technologies, effectively enabling customers to double or triple the amount of energy in their system.

For more information on LAVLE, its Proteus ESS, and other technology developments, visit https://lavle.com

About CleanDesign
CleanDesign is an advanced controls, automation, and asset management company. The company's mission is to scale up technology that offers measurable cost savings to industry while reducing CO2 and other emissions. The first product is a lithium-ion battery upgrade to turn drilling rigs into hybrid drilling rigs.

For more information on CleanDesign, visit www.cleandesign.ca.

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