Mar 15, 2020

New IDTechEx Report Identifies How Triboelectrics Address Bi

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BOSTON, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Of the twelve types o...

BOSTON, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Of the twelve types of energy harvesting, five are capturing motion and the latest of these is analysed and forecasted in the new IDTechEx report, "Triboelectric Energy Harvesting and Sensing (TENG) 2020-2040". Self-powered sensors and filters are also there.

This report is intended to be an easily absorbed summary of progress and forecast of the future of the new form of energy harvesting invented in 2012 yet already demonstrated in an unprecedented variety of forms: edible, biodegradable, self-cleaning, even integrated with most other harvesting technologies.

The focus is the commercial prospects and how to benefit society, matching achieved to needed. IDTechEx makes no attempt to compete with excellent academic summaries but if you want forecasts for the markets being targeted - vehicles, skin patches, wearable technology, ocean wave power etc., those forecasts are here and only here. Understand the work not yet prioritised for commercial launch.

Insights are based on extensive travel by IDTechEx PhD level analysts, new interviews in local languages, conference attendance, data searches. The work is mostly carried out in 2020 with ongoing updates. Many scientific advances in 2020 are assessed. Easily comprehended by those wishing to make the necessary materials, devices and systems, it de-risks investment.

The report helps investors, potential users, companies active in Internet of Things, personal electronics, electrics, healthcare, automotive, industrial, off-grid power for microgrids and vehicles. The most promising future applications are identified. Emphasis is commercialisation and which industrial sectors could benefit when missing elements of the routes to market are in place. Opportunities for added value materials are evaluated. A ten-year forecast is given plus a roadmap to 2040.

All vibration harvesting has been a commercial failure. Will the triboelectric nanogenerator TENG version succeed? First commercialisation has been triboelectric air filters. Why, where, next improvement? Which of the four harvesting modes are useful for what and where is the best work? See new infograms, graphs, timelines rather than equations. Why are fluoropolymers 55% of electro-negative materials used - a challenge and an opportunity? Next?

The "Executive Summary and Conclusions" is sufficient for those in a hurry with 30 primary conclusions and that host of relevant forecasts including haptics and active RFID markets, technology summary, future. Energy harvesters, triboelectric air filters and self-powered sensors and actuators and favoured materials explained: gaps in the market.

"Introduction" explains energy harvesting, twelve technologies - materials, capability, market needs overall. Learn systems aspects, parameters, practicalities of the triboelectric series and the troublesome variety of influencing factors. Four modes are looked at in great detail, electrostatic harvesting generally and lessons for the future. Chapter 3 details "Early Commercialisation: Self-Powered Filters, Toys and Novelties" already sold and what comes next. Chapter 4 analyses "Materials Virtuosity: Self-healing, Transparent, Stretchable, Hydrophobic, Biocompatible and More". IDTechEx presents new ideas and benchmarking.

With many new tables and pictures, Chapter 5 is "Wearable and Surgical". Much is being developed for these sectors: appropriate needs are manifold. Chapter 6 assesses the place in, "Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Sensing" cutting through exaggeration in these industries. Chapter 7 is where "Self-powered Sensors" TENG research is leading. Chapter 8 considers huge potential for "High Power and Combined with Other EH" critically scoping opportunity in wave and wind power, smart roads etc. and the emergence of structural electronics of which triboelectrics is a part. In contrast to many research papers dismissive or ignorant of other options, this also places the report "Triboelectric Energy Harvesting and Sensing (TENG) 2020-2040" firmly in the real world and the other improving technologies again with new ideas from IDTechEx.

For more Energy Harvesting research, visit or join us at The IDTechEx Show! Europe 2020, 13 - 14 May, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany. Presenting the latest emerging technologies at one event, with six concurrent conferences and a single exhibition covering 3D Printing and 3D Electronics, Electric Vehicle Materials, Graphene and 2D Materials, Printed and Flexible Electronics, Sensors and Wearable Technology. Please visit to find out more.

IDTechEx guides your strategic business decisions through its Research, Consultancy and Event products, helping you profit from emerging technologies. For more information on IDTechEx Research and Consultancy contact [email protected] or visit

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