May 21, 2020

PETROWEB, Changing the Way Exploration & Production Companie

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DENVER, Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PETROWEB, a leading provider of global E&P data cataloging and data solutions to the energy industry, today announced the launch of its new Data Curating platform, which provides a continuously up to date catalog of available 3rd party E&P datasets worldwide.

The Data Curating platform combines the strength of PETROWEB's global team of data curators and vendor partners with the latest in ETL technologies and machine learning. Its emergence in the market replaces internal disjointed or nonexistent systems with a cohesive and relevant all-inclusive data catalog, for rapid and less expensive acquisition of mission critical data.

"Our unique data mining and cataloging technology is a product of the frustrations felt by internal IT departments and Geophysical professionals with the everchanging landscape of available 3rd party data sets," said Jeff Wadsworth, COO at PETROWEB.

"E&P companies no longer need to waste valuable time and internal resources to search for, connect to and keep updated available 3rd party data sets," Wadsworth said. "Our standardized catalog provides the most up to date and most comprehensive 3rd party data coverages worldwide. Over the next year our goal is to catalog upwards of 80% of all available 3rd party E&P datasets as well as catalog data sets available for acquisition from E&P Companies."

The new Data Curating platform monitors and catalogs millions of data points every day and is the largest 3rd party data catalog available on the market. Current data coverage is comprised from 92 data sources, covering more than 146 countries, with over 1.1 Million 2D/3D Seismic lines and surveys, over 50,000 gravity/magnetic surveys and over 7.0 Million wells cataloged by individual data sets available per well. Additional new data sets are coming online providing global coverage of available studies and/or reports cataloged by type, region, size and vintage.

With the new Data Curating platform PETROWEB's focus is on providing efficiencies in data discovery and acquisition to the energy industry, reducing the time, effort and costs required to find and develop opportunities.

PETROWEB is the first fully automated E&P Data Curating platform that delivers a continuously updated data catalog of available 3rd party data sets including well data, seismic data and studies/reports. The platform's data aggregation and standardization capabilities provide for a cohesive global view of available 3rd party E&P data sets, allowing for rapid and less expensive evaluation and acquisition of mission critical data. By leveraging automated ETL technologies and employing Machine Learning for smartly triggered alerts and updates, E&P companies, government agencies, data providers and consulting groups use PETROWEB'S Curated Global Data Catalog daily for identifying, comparing and acquiring mission critical data. Headquartered in Denver, the company can serve companies and government agencies worldwide.

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