Sep 24, 2020

TUV Rheinland "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress 2021 Laun

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SHANGHAI, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 22, the TUV Rheinland "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress 2021 Launch Ceremony was held in Shanghai, announcing that the solar congress will be held in Hangzhou next April and releasing the rules for selecting the All Quality Matters Award in various categories.




As an authoritative platform built by TUV Rheinland for communication in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, the All Quality Matters Solar Congress, first held in 2015, has continuously focused on the PV revolution against the backdrop of the Asia-Pacific and global economy. It has witnessed the development and progress of the PV industry and assisted with the sound development of the PV industry in China. By doing so, it has become a bellwether leading the PV industry.

This year is the homestretch for China's 13th five-year plan. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA) jointly issued a Notice on 2020 grid-parity wind and PV power generation projects, which indicated that the installed capacity of grid-parity project has increased by 114% compared with that in 2019 and that the installed capacity is well beyond the market expectation. This contributes to acceleration of the grid-parity process and makes China's PV industry more competitive. It's widely believed in the industry that next year China's new energy installed capacity will usher in a good start for the 14th five-year plan and that generally the PV industry will grow under the backdrop of grid parity.

TUV Rheinland forges a strategic partnership with PV Committee of China Green Supply Chain Alliance

At the launch ceremony, Chris Zou, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Greater China Solar, and Lv Fang, Secretary-General of the PV Committee of China Green Supply Chain Alliance, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. The Committee will co-organize the All Quality Matters Solar Congress 2021 and be involved in the evaluation of the green hi-efficient PV module conversion efficiency.

"Before 2030, carbon emissions are expected to peak in China," said Lv Fang at the ceremony. "This means the clean energy structure will enter a key stage in the next ten years, and the five years during the 14th five-year plan will be a period for us to lay a solid foundation. It can be anticipated that there will be vast space and great potential for China's PV development in the next five to ten years. China has led the world in efficiency, scale, and cost of the PV industry, and its next goal is to make its green manufacturing an international model. It's our honor to cooperate with TUV Rheinland and co-organize the All Quality Matters Solar Congress 2021 to jointly create a platform of cooperation and communication for the whole PV industry chain. In the future, we will provide more consulting and support services for the industry's self-assessment to promote its green and efficient development."

Rules for selecting All Quality Matters Award 2021 in each category released

TUV Rheinland's "All Quality Matters Award" is the focus of attention during the annual congress, with the aim of standardizing product quality and establishing quality benchmarks. It is highly regarded by the industry for its objective and credible evaluation process and authoritative neutral selection mechanism, becoming the highest competitive stage for PV modules, inverters, energy storage systems, components, etc., bringing together the outstanding benchmark enterprises in the PV industry chain.

During the ceremony, TUV Rheinland announced that All Quality Matters Award 2021 will include four categories -- PV components, PV modules, PV electrical and electronics, as well as PV power plant and systems -- and released the rules for selecting the various awards. Newly added awards include PV cables, energy storage lithium-ion battery cells, battery energy storage systems, green hi-efficient PV module conversion efficiency, PV power plant and system EPC service contractors, etc. In further expanding the selection scope, TUV Rheinland fully demonstrates its technological capability and influence covering the upstream and downstream segments of the industry chain.

TUV Rheinland Energy Storage System White Paper 2021 to be issued at Solar Congress 2021

This August, following release of the Guideline of the NDRC and NEA on implementing the integration of wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, coal energy, and energy storage as well as source-network-load-storage integrated operation (exposure draft), the NEA published a notice for public consultation. This has once again drawn the attention of finance and industrial enterprises to energy storage.

In 2018, TUV Rheinland, in collaboration with the China Energy Storage Alliance, issued the first white paper on energy storage systems. In the two years since the energy storage industry has grown rapidly, and has changed greatly in terms of technical routes and market structure. Integration of wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, coal energy, and energy storage is the future development direction for new energy. Meanwhile, energy storage prices have approached the critical point of mass commercial use, and market demand for energy storage will rapidly expand.

In this context, TUV Rheinland will once again work with industry experts to survey and sort out the storage markets of China and the world, and will issue the TUV Rheinland Energy Storage System White Paper 2021 at the Solar Congress 2021. The report will provide an in-depth study and discussion of topics such as market scale, technical development trends, application scenarios, and business models for the global energy storage industry, as well as the quality, safety and global access of energy storage systems. In this way, TUV Rheinland hopes to provide information with great reference value for the energy storage industry and enterprises, and promote the sound and sustainable development of the industry.

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