General Motors EN-V Brings ‘The Jetsons' to Reality

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We are living in a Jetsons world, and General Motors has created the vehicle to get us there. GM and SAIC Motors premiered their two wheel concept car...

We are living in a Jetsons world, and General Motors has created the vehicle to get us there. GM and SAIC Motors premiered their two wheel concept car, hailed the EN-V, at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai proving that flying cars aren’t too far into our future.

The Segway type machine is perfect for downtown driving for two, balancing itself on two wheels enough to weave in and out of urban traffic. Extremely energy-efficient, the concept car is actually based on the design from the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility (PUMA) technology from Segway. But instead of a segway stand, it’s got a battery back on its sliding frame to keep things moving on tight turns.

Weighing in around 500 kg with a length of 1.5m, the EN-V can be charged in typical outlets and runs on lithium ion batteries. Offering riders drive mode and brakes, the EN-V can actually work in conjunction with others to allow greater parties caravan mode.

Just as most major cities have come to the realization that their current roads and highways won’t have the capability to sustain the sheer amount of traffic growth over the next decade, GM creates something that’ll eliminate any hassle. “Building more and wider roads is expensive and doesn’t really solve all of the problems, meaning that smarter solutions are needed” says GM director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts Chris Borroni-Bird. “Public transportation is important, but with so many people going frompoint to point in different directions, some personal transport is needed as well.”

The solution is clear, and before personal air travel has been perfected  like that of George Jetson, the EN-V will have to do. The concept vehicle is only one part of a larger program GM has developed over the last few years, premiering at the 2010 event. “EN-V represents another major step forward in GM’s leadership in the development of advanced vehicle technology,” he continued.
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