IFC CIO joins new role as Chief Executive of ATOME Energy

Following nine years in energy investments management, Olivier Musset joins ATOME Energy to make sustainable changes in the sector

As a member of the World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation is responsible for global development, specifically developing countries and their private sectors, with the overarching goal of improving lives and encouraging business growth. The organisation has a history of innovation in global business and has committed around US$31.5bn in investments in 2021 alone. 

The company’s former Chief Investment Officer, Olivier Mussat has announced the beginning of his career with ATOME, an energy organisation that is committed to sustainability through the use of green ammonia and hydrogen power alternatives, as its Chief Executive Officer. 

According to a LinkedIn post from Mussat, he is very excited to be working within a company that has a strong focus on clean energy. ‘I am delighted to announce my new role as CEO of ATOME Energy, a green hydrogen and green ammonia production focused company’, Musset says.

‘Following COP26, more attention has been brought to how hydrogen is the most flexible source of sustainable energy available today. It is a molecule that can be transported, stored and used in a very similar way to how we currently use hydrocarbon-based energy. We describe it as green energy's Swiss army knife, able to decarbonise a wide range of key industries such as shipping, heavy transport, power generation and of course agriculture’.

Mussat knows the energy sector

Earlier in his career, Mussat worked as a Field Engineer for General Electric (GE) and later moved into financial management through his work at Schlumberger, as a Senior Consultant for Value & Risk, and the Standard Chartered Bank, heading up the finance for oil and gas projects. 

During his career, also including nine years at IFC, Mussat has been responsible for over US$500mn in equity investments and billions of dollars of senior debt financing. With a passion for all forms of energy, including the old ones like oil and gas, Mussat understands the necessary changes that are taking place in the industry. 

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