Princeton Power Systems: Next gen solar energy storage

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Princeton Power Systems, a top developer of alternative energy systems and electronics manufacturer, is due to begin construction for an advanced r...

Princeton Power Systems, a top developer of alternative energy systems and electronics manufacturer, is due to begin construction for an advanced renewable energy system that combines solar generation with lithium-ion battery storage and smart controls. The system is anticipated to be complete and functioning before the end of the year.

The system, which totals $1.5 million, is to be installed at the Company’s headquarters in New Jersey, U.S. The system will be connected to the PSE&G electric grid. The installation will incorporate a 200kwh energy storage system made from International Battery’s large-format lithium-ion batteries. The installation also involves a 200 kilowatt solar array. A 20 foot shipping contain, expandable to 1MWh of storage will house the energy storage system. Princeton Power System’s Grid-tied Inverter (GTIB) product will control the system and connect it to the electric grid. The installation demonstrates advanced smart grid functionality, including microgrid operation, demand response, power dispatch and frequency regulation.

“Integrating large amounts of alternative energy sources like solar and wind into the electric grid will require improved controls and electronics, and this in turn will make distributed generation much more valuable and effective,” said Darren Hammell, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Princeton Power. “Our goal is to show that this is possible and cost-effective today, using available technologies, while creating jobs and doing our part to help the environment.”

The solar array is expected to produce sellable Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) and offset a part of the building’s energy usage. The State of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Manufacturers Fund is financing the project, which will allow Princeton Power Systems to expand its advanced research and development, and manufacturing facilities for next generation power electronics.



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