Siemens selected for UK national energy data platform: YODA

By William Girling
Industrial manufacturing company and modern tech expert Siemens has been selected to develop YODA, a new energy data platform...

he platform (an acronym for Your Online Digital Architecture) is anticipated to provide several core energy-related benefits, including decarbonisation to the purposes of achieving environmental targets and enabling better local management of power.

Regarding the latter point, YODA will achieve this by creating a central data catalogue recording consumer demand and registering newer assets, such as solar PVs, wind turbines, EV charging points and more. 

Already committed to driving the concept of ‘smart infrastructure’ in modern cities, Siemens will also enable a forum between it, industry innovators, power generators and consumers to determine the ideal form for the new platform to take.

Digitally transforming energy

The YODA project will be a three-way collaboration between Siemens and its partners Energy Systems Catapult and the National Innovation Centre for Data.

Their efforts will form a crucial part of an overarching scheme known as Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA), which was formulated in late 2019 by Government entity Innovate UK.

Its aim, according to Siemens, is “to solve the fundamental problem of exchanging digital energy information between disparate stakeholders to enable the development and testing of products and services which can be commercialised and scaled.”



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Andrew Smyth, Head of Customer Success at Siemens, added, “We are very excited to be working on the MEDA project and are passionate about creating a platform to enable both visibility of the national energy system and to support the drive to decarbonisation. 

“The workshops will explore how energy users are challenged and constrained by the current energy system and how a central data platform could aid their future aspirations. The workshops are planned to allow all participants an opportunity to express their views”.

Enabling a cleaner future

Clearly a demonstration of the UK’s commitment to achieving its ambitious net-zero carbon target by 2030, YODA and MEDA are exemplary of the symbiotic relationship between technology and a cleaner, better energy industry. 

Furthermore, both of these projects represent the possibility of expanding the clean energy market and connecting it in revolutionary new ways. 

"Energy Systems Catapult’s mission is to unleash innovation and open new markets to capture the clean growth opportunity,” said Dr Richard Dobson, Energy Data Taskforce

“The ability to seamlessly share and access data is absolutely fundamental to this. We're excited to be working with Siemens on YODA to deliver a critical part of the modern, digitalised energy system we need."

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