Sky Reaches Target of 100% Renewable Electricity

Sky entertainment has implemented 100% renewable energy across its functions and it is completely transparent with its sustainability strategy 

Net-zero initiatives affect companies in all industries, from large-scale supply chains operations to journalism and media. The leading media and entertainment company, Sky, has met its target of 100% renewable energy sourcing across its entire business operations. 

Sky has guaranteed renewable electricity sources for its offices, retail stores and journalism hubs across the globe—as part of its commitment to become a carbon-neutral business by 2030, which has resulted in a 22.7% reduction in emissions across Scopes one and two from the baseline of 2018.

The company is also transparent with its strategy for net-zero emissions as it discloses how it will meet the Scope 3 requirements. By sharing its full approach to sustainability, Sky hopes to encourage its users to follow its lead. 

‘Transparently sharing data on our net-zero transition is central to Sky’s approach. We know that business can accelerate the journey to a zero-carbon future by sharing knowledge, learnings and data as freely and widely as possible. We have published our Scope 3 reporting methodology to enable others to go on the journey with us because net-zero won’t be achieved by individuals but through collective action’, says Fiona Ball, Sky Group Director Bigger Picture

The GHG Protocol Scope 3 Corporate Value Chain Standard provided insight into Scope 3 calculations, which usually rely on estimated approaches. Sky is collaborating with its suppliers and other companies in the industry to replace estimates with primary data to accelerate the adoption of net-zero principles. 

100% Renewable, a RE100 Goal

Meeting the 100% renewable electricity commitment is in line with the promise of RE100—a global initiative that brings together the world’s most influential businesses. Sky has achieved this through on-site renewable generation, purchase of electricity tariffs—backed up by traceable certificates, and Energy Attribute Certificates where tariffs cannot be influenced by the company. The company has also committed to an internal goal to provide 20% of its renewable energy through the installation of systems on new and refurbished buildings. 

Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, says, ‘Congratulations to Sky on achieving their RE100 goal of 100% renewable electricity! As one of the pioneering early members of RE100, it’s great to see Sky realising its bold ambition. We are looking forward to continuing to accelerate change towards zero-carbon grids together with Sky and their growing group of RE100 peers’.


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