Tesla Motors: First electric Roadster to Australia

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Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of the Roadster—the only electric performance vehicle capable of going on highways—will deliver the firs...

Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of the Roadster—the only electric performance vehicle capable of going on highways—will deliver the first to Australia. The Tesla Roadster has officially been approved for the roadways of Australia, and is available to be purchased.

The Roadster is a hand-crafted, carbon fiber vehicle. It is the only car to deliver supercar performance with zero tailpipe emissions. The vehicle requires no petroleum, and is capable of accelerating from zero to 100km in less than four seconds. The Roadster can be plugged into any conventional electrical socket and can continue running for over 38kms on a single charge. The vehicle is considered the only sports car that can be charged from solar, wind or hydro energy, in the world.

Simon Hackett is the first in Australia to own a Tesla. Hackett is a technology entrepreneur in Australia who holds the world record for distance driven on a single charge in a production electric vehicle—he reached 501 kilometers in a Tesla Roadster.

“The Roadster delivers an addictive driving experience. Once I felt the fluid, on-demand power curve of the car, I couldn’t go back,” commented Simon Hackett. “In a Tesla Roadster, you know you're driving the future.”

The Roadster requires less routine maintenance than traditional vehicles. Plus, oil changes and exhaust system work are not necessary. Tesla has also implemented a house-call service approach, in which a Tesla Ranger travels to a customer’s home or office for any required inspections or services.

Tesla Motors has sold over 1,200 Roadsters to customers in 28 countries. The cars can be sold to clients directly online or in regional showrooms around the globe.



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