Yeager Secures Sustainability Funds from Kerogen Capital

Yeager Energy has announced its acquisition of investment from Kerogen Capital, a vital step in driving sustainability in the geothermal energy sector

Dutch Geothermal energy company Yeager Energy recently agreed to a significant investment from Kerogen Capital. The aim of the agreement is to support the development of Yeager’s geothermal energy and district heating business in Europe. 

Yeager Energy’s plans to develop a portfolio of geothermal energy projects and district heating networks to benefit the energy sector. The strategy will be focused on the built environment and the greenhouse horticulture sector and aims to create a safe and responsible source of sustainable heat. 

Yeager’s business model is a comprehensive heat value chain, which involves complete ‘Source-to-Sale’ management from Yeager. The company will operate with a portfolio approach, pursue all areas of opportunity, and develop many working relationships. Sustainability is a driving force in the development of this strategy, and Yeager wants to maintain the safety and wellbeing of those involved and is conscious of environmental impacts. 

Kerogen Capital Investment

Established in 2007, Kerogen Capital is a specialist investment fund for the energy sector. The investment firm manages over US$2bn worth of capital within the industry and prides itself in its commitment to carbon neutrality. 

Kerogen is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and provides a significant level of technical and financial expertise in the growing energy sector for ‘net-zero carbon’ conscious businesses. 

The purpose of Kerogen is to partner with new and extensive energy companies, of which the Netherlands is home to some attractive opportunities due to its potential for market growth and believes Yeager has the suitable strategy, skills and abilities to implement this. 

Next Steps for Yeager Energy

Yeager is looking forward to working with Kerogen Capital. The investment opportunity the firm has provided will be used to make significant developments in the heat energy transition in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. 

Yeager also secured opportunities with other companies last year, including a strategic partnership with Enertrans - to develop district heating networks - and Huisman Geo for its geothermal expertise. 

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