Top 10 cleantech startups from UK

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Follow@EnergyDigital Make sure to check out the latest issue of Energy Digital magazine A group of the UKs most promising clean technology companies we...

Make sure to check out the latest issue of Energy Digital magazine 

A group of the UK’s most promising clean technology companies were chosen the country’s Technology Strategy Board to attend the Clean and Cool Mission to Colorado last month to showcase their innovations and explore business opportunities associated with tackling climate change.

The companies’ innovations address some of the most pressing climate challenges in the country and worldwide, including transport pollution, improving energy efficiency, and easing reliance on peak grid power supply.

Energy Digital chose to highlight 10 of the companies that have the potential to be the next big cleantech startup.

1.)    Agility Global

The company has blended Formula 1 and aerospace design with advanced engineering and electric technology to manufacture the world’s first high-performance, clean tech motorcycle. Saietta, is a premium, electric urban sports motorcycle that more than lives up to its name. Strikingly designed, fast and powerful, it is also clean and green.

2.)    Alquist

The company has pioneered an award-winning data center temperature management system, targeted to become the new world standard for a $17 billion industry segment growing at 28 percent per annum. Alquist’s monitoring system enables data center operators to manage risk and reduce energy costs, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

3.)    Arcola Energy

The company is a developer, manufacturer and retailer of fuel cell-based low carbon energy solutions, converting chemical energy from a fuel, such as hydrogen, into electricity. Ultimately, this makes electricity more accessible and cost-effective for consumers and businesses. Arcola’s technology can be used in the home and within the construction, entertainment, education and automotive industries.

4.)    Iceotope

In the U.S., a massive $7.4 billion is spent on cooling data centres annually. Iceotope supports these applications by providing massive processing power, memory and storage in an integrated computing system cooled with liquid, which saves energy and lowers costs. 

5.)    Magnifye

The company’s superconducting permanent magnets can be used to improve the efficiency of any electrical machine. Ten times stronger than conventional magnets, they are small enough to fit into the palm of the hand and large enough to power a train or a cruise liner.  With almost limitless applications, Magnifye could transform the way the world powers electrical machines.

6.)    Flint Engineering

Energy created through the roof that could eliminate heating, cooling, and hot water bills is the aim of a new product from Flint Engineering, which blends a photovoltaic and solar thermal collector in a roofing/cladding material to be used on both new and refitted domestic and commercial buildings.

7.)    Moixa Technology

The company plans to put millions of smart batteries onto customer premises to reduce peak period demand on the grid and improve the energy efficiency of essential direct current (DC) devices such as lights and mobile phones. Use of Moixa’s technology helps to significantly reduce bills and improves energy security by enabling the storage of energy at off-peak times.

8.)    Green Fuels Research

Current technology is incapable of realistically meeting future demand for sustainable aviation biofuels. The mission of Green Fuels Research, a new venture building on 10 year’s cleantech heritage, is to develop enabling technologies at every step in the value chain from primary producer to airplane supplier.

9.)    Sunamp

Considerable energy savings in both domestic and commercial environments can be realized by using high power heat batteries. Sunamp has developed a Heat Battery that is super-compact but can store heat from conventional and non-conventional heat pumps and boilers, delivering it quickly and with maximum energy efficiency as needed.

10.) Vantage Power

Large vehicles, particularly buses and trucks, have a reputation for polluting roads, but a new hybrid-electric system from Vantage Power has been designed to help the bus industry to meet the increasing demands for lower emissions, improve air quality, and cut fuel consumption simultaneously, without the need for investing in new hybrid buses.


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