May 25, 2012

Eco Wave's First Wave Energy Power Plant a Success

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    TEL AVIV, Israel, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/—Eco Wave Power has successfully installed a medium-scale wave ene...



TEL AVIV, Israel, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/—Eco Wave Power has successfully installed a medium-scale wave energy power plant, in the Black Sea, during the month of April, 2012. The installation of EWP’s system, took place during that month in recognition of the international Mother Earth Day, celebrated in more than 175 countries every year.

The Black Sea provided Eco Wave Power with real-life conditions necessary for the testing of EWP’s wave energy devices under uncontrolled wave heights and wave periods.

Among the different tests, Eco Wave Power has examined the characteristics of 2 different floaters shapes, the “Wave Clapper” and the “Power Wing”, and also performed the measuring of the KW output in different wave heights and periods, measuring the influence of side waves on the floaters and the connections, connecting the floaters to electric devices and showing an electricity supply (with and without an accumulator), examining the influence of floaters in proximity to each other, examining the option to unite both floaters to one electric grid and charge a common accumulator, as well as -examining the floaters’ storm-protection Mechanisms.

On the 18th and 19th of April the Black Sea has experienced stormy conditions. During which, Eco Wave Power has decided to stress-test its floaters. Consequently, Eco Wave Power had operated its floaters, at a wave height of up to 5 meters. The results were astonishing. Eco Wave Power’s floaters had survived the storm, without damages.


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In addition, Eco Wave Power had concluded that 2 medium-scale wave energy devices are sufficient for the production of electricity for 6 to 10 households. Now, Imagine what a hundred commercial scale floaters could do.

The next phase of EWP will be to move the medium-scale power plant to a different coastal structure, in order to show our potential clients that EWP’s wave energy generation system can be easily connected to almost any ocean structure.  After this, EWP will build its first commercial scale Sea Wave Power Plant, and reveal the construction and production prices, this will be cheaper than any other renewable or traditional energy generation system.

David Leb, Founder, stated that “Eco Wave Power is aware of the impact that pollution has on the world. According to a Cornell study, about 40 percent of deaths worldwide are caused by water, air and soil pollution. Such environmental degradation, coupled with the growth in world population, are major causes behind the rapid increase in human diseases. Both factors contribute to the malnourishment and disease susceptibility of 3.7 billion people. EWP wants to prove that there is another way for energy generation. The clean way is the right way for the world.”

This accomplishment being the turn out of the progress that Eco Wave Power has exhibited up to this point. In January 2012, Eco Wave Power released its first video documentation of the successful testing of EWP’s small-scale wave energy generation system. The testing of the system was conducted in cooperation with the Hydro-Mechanical Institute of Kiev, and meant to serve as a proof of concept to EWP’s innovative ideas.

The results of the tests were very encouraging, and the officials from the Kiev Institute stated the following: “All floaters of Eco Wave Power Company have proved their workability… According to the results of the tests, we have reached a decision to recommend enlarging the model to greater sizes.”

On this positive note, Mr. David Leb, the founder, stated that Eco Wave Power is a young and innovative company in the ocean energy field, which believes in a fast, yet reliable, progress. Mr. Leb added that the competitors in the ocean energy sphere had spent 5 to 15 years researching the ocean energy field, resulting with no commercial scale devices available for sale and implementation, emphasizing that Eco Wave Power wants to be different, by offering commercial scale devices within the shortest time frame, and for the most attractive prices.

With this in mind, Mr. Leb made an even bolder statement, and guaranteed to execute a fully operational system, able to produce 5KW from each floater, during the first quarter of 2012.

Eco Wave Power’s engineering team has put all possible efforts in order to fulfill Mr. Leb’s ambitious dream of a green future, and present the world with a fully operational system, within the shortest time frame.

Today, Eco Wave Power Company is proud to announce that it has achieved its goal.




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