Four ways roof lights help you to save energy and money

By Roof Maker
The clocks have come forward, the days are longer and more importantly lighter, so now is the perfect time to let more of that light into your home...

The clocks have come forward, the days are longer and more importantly lighter, so now is the perfect time to let more of that light into your home. Rooflights and skylights can be one of best additions to your home. While brighter rooms are more aesthetically pleasing, rooflights can also be fitted in difficult places where traditional windows just won’t go – you might even add value to your home.

However, while rooflights are very attractive on the surface of it, when installed correctly, they can also have a positive effect on your outgoings and your carbon footprint too. Roof Maker, a UK leading manufacturer of sky lights, explains how.

1.The effect of natural light

Everyone wants more natural light in their home. However, depending on the position of your building and other external factors, it is not always possible to take advantage of those bright and sunny days. That’s why rooflights are so effective. In fact, they can provide up to three times more natural light than standard windows.

It should come as no surprise therefore that when you install rooflights or skylights, you cut down on the need for artificial lighting. With less need for lamps and other standard lighting, you will soon notice a reduction in your electricity bills – especially in the brighter months. Of course, the amount of light that can flood into your home all depends on where you position your roof lights, so speak to an expert before installing.

2.Your new eco-friendly home

In the fight against climate change and cutting down on energy usage, we all have a part to play and installing roof lights is a great start. Research has shown that when rooflights are covering roughly 15-20 percent of your total roof area, you will dramatically cut your energy consumption compared to buildings without roof lights.

In fact, The National Association of Rooflight manufacturers, found that the total CO2 emissions associated with operating a building without rooflights can be 50 percent higher than for a building with them. (source) This could amount to a very substantial saving in energy and bills every month.

3.Keeping heat in and out

Throughout the seasons, your heating needs change. While during the winter months you may want more insulation, during the warmer seasons you want to enjoy a cooler home and that’s where roof lights are a major benefit.

Passive heat or solar heat gain is a natural by-product of rooflights. Again, this natural heat gain in your home ensures there’s less need for using central heating or other off-the-wall heaters that keep your monthly costs up. You can also install ventilating skylights that open outwardly at the bottom and release unwanted hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling – great for the summer months.

4. A happier home

It’s not just a theory, more natural light is proven to have a positive effect on how we feel. Luckily, when you install rooflights, you allow natural light to flow into your home in abundance. Natural light is clinically proven to increase focus, reduce stress levels and even improve your sleeping pattern. In short, roof lights can make your home an even happier place to be.

The positive effect on your home

Rooflights can transform your home aesthetically and financially. While natural light, insulation and ventilation all ensure you reduce your monthly outgoings, you can also rest assured you are playing your part in cutting CO2 emissions. To get the maximum impact from your new rooflights, always ensure you have them positioned effectively and professionally installed.


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