Jun 23, 2016

LM Wind power unveils longest turbine blade in the world

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Turbine rotor blade supplier LM Wind Power has

Turbine rotor blade supplier LM Wind Power has unveiled the world’s longest-ever wind turbine blade, which has just been completed at a factory in Lunderskov, Denmark.

At 88.4 metres long, the blade is longer than a Boeing 747-8 jet airliner, which measures 76 metres long.

The blade has been specifically designed for turbine manufacturer Adwen’s AD 8-180 offshore wind turbine model, which boasts an 8MW nominal capacity and a rotor diameter of 180 meters. A single AD 8-180 turbine has the highest annual energy production (AEP) of all wind turbines and will be capable of powering around 10,000 homes.

LM Wind Power's CEO, Marc de Jong said in a statement: "The LM 88.4 P blade is an extraordinary example of industrialized innovation at record breaking scale.

“This blade is a strong proof point of the shared ambition of Adwen and LM Wind Power to bring forward best in class and proven rotor solutions for offshore application, increasing Annual Energy output through efficient and reliable technology."

The blade will now be transported to a facility in Aalborg, Denmark for testing.

An onshore prototype of the AD 8-180 turbine is going to be installed in Bremerhaven, Germany by the end of this year. Serial production is expected to get underway in 2018. 

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