Jun 24, 2012

Local Solar Company Doing Big Things

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  Most people are aware that solar power is out there and available, and the sun is still around, so why aren't more people inves...


Most people are aware that solar power is out there and available, and the sun is still around, so why aren't more people investing in it? There are a number of problems that stop most of the population dead in their tracks when heading for a solar energy route, the first being cost. Cost of these units can be expensive, but right now the government is giving out more money than ever for going "green". Some programs cover over 50% of the cost.

Another issue that causes people to stray from solar power is that it requires a building permit because the mounts are considered a permanent structure. Once they are placed somewhere, for the most part, that is where they will stay permanently. At PSG they have a solution to these issues of lack of mobility, and filing for permits with their latest ballast mount. This mounting system would be capable of being placed over areas of contaminated soil, where penetrating the soil is illegal due to the toxic materials in the ground. This new ballasting unit simply rests atop the ground, thus requiring no building permits. Imagine a landfill being transformed into a hill of solar panels generating mass amounts of clean energy!


Space-Based Solar Power

Stable Solar Power for Children in Haiti

Read more in June's issue of Energy Digital: Energy Turns to SPACE

The newest product in this line is the SunPad trailer. This rugged, off-road capable unit can literally give you power on the go, wherever you can go! This new product is equipped with a single-axis tracking unit that follows the sun's trajectory over the course of the day, allowing the SunPad to produce 30% or more solar energy when compared to a fixed mount system. The SunPad comes equipped with many features that enable it to get "off the beaten path" making it ideal for those who need energy away from civilization and off the grid. A fully independent trailing arm suspension system, combined with 35 x 12.5 aggressive tires with 30 mile "runflat" capability, allow this vehicle to be HMMWV compatible. That means you can hook the SunPad up to a military style "Humvee" with no modifications!

Unlike a fossil fuel generator, the SunPad provides clean, emission and exhaust free power, all while operating with almost no noise. Perfect for everything from farm applications, to emergency military power, the SunPad can do it all.

These trailers offer 13 to 18 hours of continuous operation, with a mast height of 4.5-9 meters. These masts that hold the light fixtures can be raised and lowered by either a manual crank, or a pneumatic drive system. PSG offers three versions of this trailer with 4-8 lights and 2-4 solar panels depending on which model you choose. The solar trailer light tower collects energy as you enjoy the natural sunshine.

These portable light towers would be perfect for construction sites, offering an off-grid light source that requires no fuels and very little maintenance.

SOURCE: Patriot Solar Group






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Apr 23, 2021

Drax advances biomass strategy with Pinnacle acquisition

Dominic Ellis
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Drax is advancing biomass following Pinnacle acquisition it reported in a trading update

Drax' recently completed acquisition of Pinnacle more than doubles its sustainable biomass production capacity and significantly reduces its cost of production, it reported in a trading update.

The Group’s enlarged supply chain will have access to 4.9 million tonnes of operational capacity from 2022. Of this total, 2.9 million tonnes are available for Drax’s self-supply requirements in 2022, which will rise to 3.4 million tonnes in 2027.

The £424 million acquisition of the Canadian biomass pellet producer supports Drax' ambition to be carbon negative by 2030, using bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and will make a "significant contribution" in the UK cutting emissions by 78% by 2035 (click here).

Drax CEO Will Gardiner said its Q1 performance had been "robust", supported by the sale of Drax Generation Enterprise, which holds four CCGT power stations, to VPI Generation.

This summer Drax will undertake maintenance on its CfD(2) biomass unit, including a high-pressure turbine upgrade to reduce maintenance costs and improve thermal efficiency, contributing to lower generation costs for Drax Power Station.

In March, Drax secured Capacity Market agreements for its hydro and pumped storage assets worth around £10 million for delivery October 2024-September 2025.

The limitations on BECCS are not technology but supply, with every gigatonne of CO2 stored per year requiring approximately 30-40 million hectares of BECCS feedstock, according to the Global CCS Institute. Nonetheless, BECCS should be seen as an essential complement to the required, wide-scale deployment of CCS to meet climate change targets, it concludes.

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