Maersk Implements E-Methanol with help from European Energy

European Energy and Maersk reveal plans to construct a Danish e-methanol facility to power European shipping vessels

The global logistics leader, Maersk is teaming up with European Energy on a project that will see the implementation of green methanol to power Maersk vessels. A Danish subsidiary of European Energy, REintegrate is working with the shipping company to trial the e-methanol in one of its vessels, which will utilise solar power to produce a feedstock of electricity. 

A Partnership to Fuel the Future of Sustainable Shipping

Maersk will be working closely with REintegrate to develop a new facility in Denmark that will produce 10,000 tonnes of carbon-neutral e-methanol—enough to fuel a single vessel for a whole year. According to European Energy, the partnership with Maersk could become a ‘blueprint for how to scale green fuel production’, by collaborating with different organisations in the industry. 

Henriette Hallberg Thygesen, Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Fleet and Strategic Brands, says, ‘Sourcing the fuels of the future is a significant challenge, and we need to be able to scale production in time’.

‘This agreement with European Energy/REintegrate brings us on track to deliver on our ambition to have the world’s first container vessel operated on carbon-neutral methanol on the water by 2023’. 

The facility is expected to be up and running by 2023 and to maintain carbon-neutrality in the e-methanol supply chain, the fuel will be produced with renewable energy and biogenic carbon dioxide. The company will also source renewable energy from a solar farm in Kasso, Denmark, which will power the operations at the facility. The third facility that REintegrate has built for e-methanol production. 

‘We’re proud to be a part of the first large scale e-methanol production in Denmark. While renewable energy is becoming more and more common in the energy mix of electricity consumption, this is one of the first steps in heavy transportation towards using 100% renewable energy’, says Knud Erik Andersen, Chief Executive Officer at European Energy

Shortly after the facility opens, the companies how to have a vessel fueled and ready to operate on e-methanol. ‘This agreement marks a milestone in the journey towards green transition in the shipping industry’, says Andersen. 


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