Retrofitting to contribute to reducing Dubai’s energy demand

By Sophie Chapman
The UAE is set to spend more than US$8bn on retrofit buildings in Dubai as it beliefs it will help meet it energy demand reduction targets...

The UAE is set to spend more than US$8bn on retrofit buildings in Dubai as it beliefs it will help meet it energy demand reduction targets.

The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy aims for the city’s energy demand to be lowered by 30% by 2030.

In order to achieve the goal, the city plans to use the retrofitting and refurbishment of buildings as a core strategy.

Etihad Services Company (Etihad ESCO), a Dubai-based firm that specialised in retrofitting, aims to spend $43.56mn on projects in 2018, from retrofitting to solar.

The Dubai Electricty and Water Authority (DEWA) is working on retrofitting 30,000 buildings – this project is anticipated to cost $8.17bn but save $22.33bn.

Between 10-11 April, the 4th annual RetrofitTech Dubai Summit will be held in the Roda Al Bustan Hotel.


It will showcase the latest innovations within the industry and demonstrate the sustainable benefits from implementing them.

“We believe this event will provide an ideal platform to know more about the development and growth plans of the UAE’s Retrofit sector,”

“Dubai’s outstanding effort in retrofitting buildings in the past years has helped generate energy and water savings across the Emirate.”

“We are looking forward to continuing and accelerating the progress of this to help us achieve our target of retrofitting 30,000 buildings by 2030.”

“We have the pleasure of hosting the 4th Annual RetrofitTech Summit & Awards where we will announce all of our planned projects for 2018-19 and look at the different types and scope of retrofits we will be embarking on.”

“Our partners in the public and private sectors will join us for the event to get the chance to examine the progress made so far, and look at the potential to save electricity and water through smart and innovative retrofits.”


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