May 29, 2021

Acer Group aims for 100% renewable energy by 2035

Dominic Ellis
4 min
Leading technology suppliers such as Acer Group are stepping up their renewables charge

The Acer Group has joined the RE100 initiative and pledged to achieve 100% renewable energy use by 2035.

In  addition, Acer declared its mission to help tackle environmental challenges with its Earthion platform that unites employees and supply chain partners, and expands its sustainability efforts. 

Tiffany Huang, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Acer, said: “We already have the commitment of AUO,  Compal, Innolux and Quanta, and look forward to welcoming more partners to join the Acer Earthion mission to speed up the development of green designs and processes, and support our goal of 100% renewable energy for a sustainable planet.” 

Long-Term Commitment to Green Energy Use 

Since 2008, Acer has adopted the CDP’s  global disclosure system to manage the environmental impacts of its supply chain, and expanded the system to two tiers of supplier engagement.

In 2012, Acer began setting carbon reduction targets through energy management and green energy use, taking 2009 as the baseline year. Through constant efforts and drive, the Acer Group, including its global  operations and subsidiaries, successfully achieved its 2020 target of reducing its carbon  emissions by 60% worldwide. 

Setting a new commitment to source renewable energy for all of its energy use by 2035, Acer  also announced that it has joined RE100, a global corporate renewable energy initiative that  brings together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

Green energy has been utilized by various Acer operations since as early as 2013,  with some locations even installing solar panels to generate their own solar power. In 2020, the  Acer Group achieved 44% renewable energy use. Currently it uses 60% of renewable energy for its information products business operations and generates 3m Kwh solar power annually.

Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, The Climate Group, said: “This sends a powerful message that renewable electricity makes good business sense, and we encourage others to follow”. 

Earthion: Combining Strengths Across the Supply Chain 

Acer decided to take its environmental commitments further with Earthion, a platform that  combines the strengths of the company, its supply chain partners, consumers (channels), and  their employees. “Earthion” is a blend of the words “Earth + Mission,” and is the name Acer has  created to represent its mission to help tackle environmental challenges through innovative and  integrated solutions. The driving force behind Earthion is each member’s belief that its mutual  collaboration can effectively create a positive impact on the environment.  

Earthion’s primary topics of focus are: 

Energy – using 100% renewable energy, as a goal 

Product Design – green innovations 

Packaging Design – using less packaging and more recycled materials 

Production – minimizing impact on the environment 

Logistics – leaving a smaller carbon footprint 

Recycling – recycling, reusing, and repurposing resources 

Acer Earthion is the culmination of several years of efforts and will continue to evolve. The  initial idea was to do more as a responsible company and corporate citizen, and fight against  both the increasingly urgent impacts of climate change and the digital divide.

This idea led to  the birth of Project Humanity, a company-wide initiative to raise awareness of intensifying  global issues and to encourage each Acer employee to contribute toward positive changes. 

In 2020, all of Acer’s notebooks have adopted recycled paper for packaging, and these environmentally friendly designs have saved 8,750 kg of paper pulp and cut down on the usage of 20 million plastic bags. From Acer’s internal recycling activities, over 50 metric tons of batteries were recycled and remanufactured into new ones. 

Acer Aspire Vero: a Sustainability-focused Notebook 

The first product within the Earthion platform, Acer’s Aspire Vero is a step towards reimagining  what the computer manufacturing process looks like. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic is used throughout the device’s chassis and keyboard caps.

Eco-friendly packaging takes this a  step further: the Aspire Vero ships in a box made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp, and plastic  bagging for adapter protection is reduced by using paper sleeves instead. Furthermore, the laptop bag and the sheet between the keyboard and screen is made with 100% industrial  recycled plastic.  

This emphasis on sustainability carries over to the design language, too. All graphics on the  shipping box are printed with soy ink, and the notebook itself contains no paint on the chassis,  reducing the impact on the environment. It is held together by easily-accessible, standardized  screws for a simpler disassembly process. The notebook stands out with unique yellow and  volcano grey accents on its bumpers, and the text on the R and E keys have been inverted,  calling out the 3 Re’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.  

Behind all of this is the latest 11th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics. and up to 1 TB of M.2 SSD storage gives users plenty of space to store music, movies and files. This display features a lifting-hinge design that slightly elevates the notebook when opened, allowing for a more ergonomic typing experience, while AI noise suppression offers clarity during video calls. 


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Jun 21, 2021

Airswift Competentia merger spurs global digital recruitment

Dominic Ellis
3 min
Merger of Airswift and Competentia blends digital and people-based solutions for clients globally

Airswift and recruiting and workforce management specialist Competentia have merged to form one of the world’s foremost workforce solutions providers serving the energy, process, infrastructure, mining and technology industries.

The combined entity, which retains the Airswift name, will offer clients enhanced global access, particularly in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. Competentia recently opened an office in Texas, complementing Calgary, Anchorage and Houston in the region. 

Airswift chief executive, Janette Marx, will be CEO of the merged entity and Competentia Group CEO, Jayden Wallis, will play a key role on the executive team as Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of ASPAC. Kyle McClure will become CFO of the combined company.

Marx said there had been a long been mutual admiration between both companies, which share a mutual ambition to become the workforce solutions provider of choice for clients, candidates and contractors in the energy and technology industries. 

“In a rapidly digitizing, post-pandemic environment, companies across the world’s technical sectors must quickly respond to new ways of working to achieve sustainable, long-term growth," she said. "We believe that our combined size and experience, and our firm focus on the energy transition, perfectly positions us to help clients respond to the complex workforce challenges of the future. Through digital and people-based solutions, we will ultimately shape the technical sectors of tomorrow.”

As a result of the merger, mid-market and blue-chip companies alike gain access to an even broader range of truly integrated services. Talent acquisition, professional search, international contractor management, global employment outsourcing, consultancy and payroll management are just a few of the workforce solutions on offer.

Wallis added: “We see this as an opportunity to create the world’s most forward-thinking workforce solutions provider.

“We also believe we have a key, supporting role to play in enabling the energy transition, not only in the industries we serve, but through responsible business operations, business models, investment in technology and innovation, and collaboration with our peers. Our combined strength and shared ambition mean we’re even better placed to deliver on that.”

Ian Langley, Airswift’s Chairman, said: “It was obvious from our opening call that a potential merger had great merit. Not only did our combination make perfect commercial sense, but we found that our organizations had similar cultures and aspirations, and we quickly discovered a unique alignment.”

Airswift and Competentia’s private equity backers, Wellspring Capital and Reiten & Company respectively, are retaining their stakes in the merged entity and will continue to be actively involved with the business. Airswift has also issued a bond on the Norwegian bond market to ensure maximum flexibility and access to alternative funding in the future.

Matthew Harrison, Managing Partner at Wellspring Capital, said: “Airswift and Competentia share the same foundational values and are guided by both delivering excellence to their clients and creating a great employee experience. Together they can do this even better, and I look forward to seeing the new merged company do great things.”

Bård Ingerø, Managing Partner at Reiten & Co concludes: “These are two companies with such similar cultures and successful track records, which we believe will fit together seamlessly to offer the market the greatest possible breadth, depth and quality of services, wherever clients may operate.”

Patrick Tame, CEO of Beringer Tame, says only agile and digitally savvy businesses have survived the storm from the pandemic, and will continue to do.

“The battle to keep ahead in an environment of rapid technological, market and consumer behaviour changes has caused businesses to rush to hire digital talent that has enabled them to shift the way they operate," he writes

"When there are skill shortages in a particular sector - such as the digital market - hiring the best, before the competition, can make a real difference when it comes down to overall business success. So the businesses that are privy to a team of consultants who boast priceless depth of industry knowledge and mastery are guaranteed to have a competitive edge."

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