bp and Infosys launch EaaS solution

By Dominic Ellis
Infosys and bp to co-develop a digital platform that can collect data from multiple energy assets, using AI to optimise energy supply and demand

bp and Infosys have agreed to pilot an energy as a service (EaaS) solution, to help businesses improve the energy efficiency of infrastructure and meet decarbonisation goals.

Both companies intend to co-develop a digital platform that can collect data from multiple energy assets and use AI to optimise the energy supply and demand for power, heat, cooling and EV charging.

The companies will pilot the digital platform at the Infosys Pune Development Center – in an environment that replicates a small city, where energy is generated, stored, and consumed at multiple points. Once the pilot is successful, they will aim to roll this model out across other Infosys campuses in India, and with some clients, to help manage energy and help reduce emissions.

They have also agreed to collaborate on integrating solar energy production into the campus' energy system. Energy that is generated through this integration will be monitored and optimised by the digital platform, and can be stored or redirected to the building power supply, heating and cooling systems, and to an EV charging infrastructure.

Sashi Mukundan, President, bp India and Senior Vice President, bp Group, said, "At bp, we set out to provide solutions to enable cities and hard to abate industries decarbonise. Integrating advances in energy, mobility and digital technologies and services has huge potential to accelerate the progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future. By bringing together our complementary capabilities, products, and services from bp's different joint ventures in India, bp and Infosys can help each other – and our customers – achieve energy and sustainability goals faster."

Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys, said Infosys shares bp's ambitions for a net zero carbon future.

"Our collaboration with bp further strengthens our long-standing commitment towards sustainability and supports our ambitious ESG goals. We will now bring together the best of digital technologies – advanced AI, connected digital systems, experience design, analytics – and decarbonization to create an integrated energy and mobility offering. Together, bp and Infosys can create compelling and sustainable value for our customers globally."

Reliance Industries and bp’s fuel and mobility joint venture, Reliance BP Mobility, recently launched its first Jio-bp branded Mobility Station at Navde, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The existing network of over 1,400 fuel pumps will be rebranded as Jio-bp, presenting a new range of customer value propositions over the coming months.

bp and Piaggio Group plan to work together to develop and roll out a comprehensive set of services ‎for the rapidly growing number of two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles across Europe and Asia.

These vehicles – electric motorbikes, motor scooters and compact commercial vehicles – are today ‎the most highly electrified vehicle class globally, with 44% of sales and 25% of the existing global ‎fleet – or around 250 million vehicles – already electric. It has been estimated that by 2040 the ‎proportion of sales of these vehicles that are electric may have risen to over 80% and the number ‎of electric two- and three-wheelers globally may have tripled to 750 million.‎

This week bp and Daimler Truck announced plans to accelerate the introduction of a hydrogen network, supporting the roll-out of a key technology for the decarbonisation of UK freight transport. They intend to pilot both the development of hydrogen infrastructure and the introduction of hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks in the UK.

  • Encycle Corporation's Swarm Logic HVAC energy-saving technology for demand side energy management and energy efficiency optimisation has been added to NV Energy's PowerShift offering for its business customers. Deployed as an EaaS solution, Swarm Logic typically saves customers 10%-30% on HVAC-related energy consumption, spend, and emissions.

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