Fortinet Ransomware Webinar Provides Response Insights

By Dominic Ellis
Fortinet's 'When, Not If: Responding when your OT network suffers a ransomware attack' webinar will be held on June 24

OT infrastructures across industrial sectors like manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas are increasingly becoming the target of sophisticated cyberattacks. Large or small, cyberattacks are making headlines and elevating executive attention toward cyber resiliency.

Fear not, for help is at hand. Fortinet's When, Not If: Responding when your OT network suffers a ransomware attack webinar will be held on June 24 (3pm UK time), and provide insights on how to cope with cyberattacks.

In the past, many OT infrastructures were self-contained and isolated (or "air gapped") from corporate resources, so they were relatively safe from internet-based threats. Not so much today. As OT and IT networks converge, outdated and unpatched OT endpoints represent a tempting entry point for cyber attackers.

Compounding the problem, OT devices often run on legacy operating systems with limited system resources, which makes them difficult to protect with traditional endpoint security solutions.

To address these security challenges, many organizations have added a broad selection of point security products to cover each new risk exposure. While a step in the right direction, adding more solutions without integration for a 360-degree view just burdens an already overtaxed security operations team.

Preparing for, responding to and recovering from cyberattacks should be a strategic part of any business continuity plan.


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