General Electric drives sustainable, low-cost aviation

Andrew Coleman of General Electric explains how data provides a roadmap for sustainable aviation at the Colombia company, Viva Air

Viva Air is Colombia’s answer to low-cost air travel, which was created by the leading developer in the industry, Irelandia Aviation. The company is on a mission to provide accessible flight services to its clients in the most sustainable way. 

Viva Air creates a low-cost, sustainable airline

To change the history of aviation in the region, Viva Air is responsible for several low-cost fleets each year, with more than 3,100 flights per month (around 40,000 flights per year). These figures are likely to grow as the company has announced its plans to introduce new aircraft to its fleet by 2023.

Becoming the leading airline in Colombia

To become the leading Colombian airline, Viva Air is working with General Electric (GE) Digital with contracts in place for two Aviation software solutions that will enable Viva Air to meet its sustainability goals. 

‘Viva is one of the fastest-growing airlines in Colombia and South America,” said Felix Antelo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viva Air. ‘This year, we have added 14 out of 50 new aircraft flying more than 3,100 flights per month. Our mission is to deliver a consistent and accessible service to customers, promoting a low-cost model in the region with sustainability and efficiency. These software solutions will allow us to fulfil that mission’. 

The Flight Analytics platform by GE Digital will allow airline operators and managers to superior data collection to improve flight safety and optimise operations. The system is also capable of providing fuel efficiency insights that allow operatives to identify potential savings. The solution analyses previous flight data with current flight plans to gain insights that help reduce waste and increase fuel efficiency. 

Coupled with FlightPulse, an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application, the aggregated data is easily accessible to pilots and allows them to make more informed decisions about their journeys. 

The General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software Business, Andrew Coleman says, ‘Sustainability is core to the future of the aviation industry. [...] Data and analytics provide a roadmap for airlines to evaluate interactions between operational systems to maximise sustainability. We are proud to work with Viva Air to further their goals, and the goals of the industry, in the region’. 


To find out more about GE Digital’s Aviation Software solutions, click here.

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