Igloo Energy launches app to reduce Tesla charging emissions by 20%

By Andrew Woods
Igloo Energy is trialling a new smart technology app which makes journeys even greener for Tesla owners. Over the course of a year, owner...

Igloo Energy is trialling a new smart technology app which makes journeys even greener for Tesla owners. Over the course of a year, owners could expect to save 20% on their carbon emissions when charging their vehicle1.

 While the EV app trial is currently only available for Tesla customers, other electronic vehicle owners will be able to use the technology in the coming months.

 The app works by linking a customer’s Tesla and Igloo Energy accounts and then automatically charging the car at times when carbon emissions from the electricity used are at their lowest. Rather than using the first available electricity, it analyses National Grid forecasts to select times when low carbon generation is feeding into the grid.

 Users can set a time by which they want their car charged. The app on their iPhone or iPad, will then ensure it’s ready by the time they need it. If customers subsequently need their car charged more quickly, a couple of taps in the app will override the setting and the car will be ready as soon as possible.

For every ten smart charges, Igloo will also send customers a £5 coffee voucher to encourage them to keep cutting emissions2.

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Matt Clemow, CEO, Igloo Energy said: “We're always looking for ways to help our customers reduce how and when they use energy, while minimising the effort our customers need to put in to do so. Our new app links to the existing Tesla electric car account to further reduce its carbon footprint, and it requires minimum effort on the customer’s part.

 “The electricity grid in the UK is supplied by many different types of generation, whether that be renewables like wind, solar or hydro through to dirtier fuels like coal and gas. By setting your car to recharge when the generation that’s actually supplying the grid is as clean as possible it cuts actual carbon emissions - making journeys even cleaner!”




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