Ohme App delivers payment power to EV drivers

By Dominic Ellis
The app will initially support Tesla vehicles, before rolling out to "at least three other manufacturers" in the coming weeks...

The launch of Ohme App provides electric vehicle owners with the ability to control how much they pay to charge their vehicle from their smartphone.

The app will initially support Tesla vehicles, before rolling out to "at least three other manufacturers" in the coming weeks.  

Combining the free app with a time-of-use tariff brings the cost of driving 10,000 miles down to just £160-£210 - an annual saving of £1,300 compared with a petrol powered vehicle traveling 36 miles per gallon. 

With 10 million EVs expected on UK roads by the end of the decade, this equates to a potential £2.8-3.5 billion of savings per annum for UK motorists in 2030, compared with using a standard charger on a fixed rate tariff. 

David Watson, CEO of Ohme, said the two biggest short-term obstacles to EV adoption are cost and energy capacity. "While prices of EVs are falling, they won’t be as affordable as petrol vehicles for a few years," he said. "Meanwhile, our energy grids were not designed to support millions of future EVs, and will not be able to cope unless energy demand is carefully managed in the future."

He said Ohme App demonstrates how a single, smart solution can meet both challenges head-on. 

"By taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs, we can help drivers make significant savings on the cost of charging their vehicles. This also benefits energy operators by spreading demand more intelligently, and providing crucial insights to help them future proof the grid."


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