Apr 27, 2021

Top 10 countries in Energy Transition Index

Dominic Ellis
3 min
European countries feature prominently in World Economic Forum report

The list of top performers in the World Economic Forum's Energy Transition Index has stayed broadly consistent over the course of the decade and features many leading countries in Europe. 

Although each country’s energy transition pathway is different, they all share common attributes including low levels of fossil fuel subsidies; enhanced energy security from a diversity of fuel mix and import partners; improving carbon intensity; reduced dependence on fossil fuels in the energy mix; and a strong regulatory environment to drive the energy transition.

The US comes in at 24th, wedged between Croatia and Albania. The 10 countries propping up the table are Senegal, Mozambique, Bahrain, Benin, South Africa, Venezuela, Lebanon, Mongolia, Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Here are the top 10 nations leading the transition.


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