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By Adam Groff

If you are feeling the financial pinch every time your utilities bill is due, don't panic.

There are plenty of ways to cut the cost of your electricity and water bill and put the power of power consumption back in your hands, be you a homeowner/renter or business owner.

In order to take the shock out of your electricity bill, here are just a few tips for saving money on both your home and business utilities (tips that your utility provider should also be sharing with you via emails, newsletters, social media etc.):

Use windows wisely

Windows are a make or break deal when it comes to getting your utility bill under control, so it's important that you use them wisely. When the weather is pleasant, opening the windows can have the same effect as running the air conditioner except there's no energy usage involved.

In addition, keeping the shades down when the weather is hot will help control interior heat. Likewise, when it's chilly outside, opening the shades will let the sun radiate through the windows and naturally heat interior spaces. If your windows are particularly drafty, filling exterior cracks and gaps with caulk is also a great energy-efficient step to take.

Get with the program with your thermostat

The main energy eater in any house or business is heating and air conditioning. With that in mind, a programmable thermostat can significantly reduce your utility bill as long as you know how to adjust for optimal performance.

For starters, whether heating or cooling, always keep your thermostat's high and low temperature setting within 5 degrees of one another. When a thermostat has to climb more than a few degrees to reach a specific temperature, it's working too hard and costing you money.

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As for the temperatures themselves, between 74 and 79 degrees is a good summer setting and 64 to 69 degrees is a good winter setting.

And, when it comes to planning for utility costs in your monthly budget, be proactive and set your programmable thermostat on vacation mode when you're away from the home or office.

Shed some energy efficient light

Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past. If you really want to make a price difference on your next utility bill without spending a lot of money, change your Edison-era bulbs to compact fluorescents.

Compact fluorescent bulbs aren't only an easy energy efficient upgrade, they're also affordable and they can save you around 15 percent on your annual utilities costs. As an added benefit, compact fluorescents also produce less heat, which means good news for your air conditioning usage.

Think low flow

Your water bill makes up a large portion of your overall utilities costs, so it's important to practice water efficiency as well. With one 5-minute shower equaling gallons of water down the drain, low flow showerheads can really help reduce the amount of water you use each month.

When it comes to home and business water usage, installing water aerator screens in faucets can help reduce the amount of water flow as well. Aerator screens increase the water flow without increasing water consumption by adding air to the equation, so you don't have to turn your faucet up to the max to feel the pressure.

How utility companies are helping

Utility companies know how expensive your bill is and with energy costs going nowhere but up, they also know it's only going to get worse.

Luckily, many utility companies are helping their customers save money on energy costs. Here's how:

• Free Energy Audits - Many local utility branches across the country are providing customers with free energy audits, which pinpoint specific energy loss areas in the home or office.

• Energy Reducing Tips - Utility companies are also making it easier to find online energy reducing tips like the ones above.

• Energy Assistance Programs - There are also energy assistance programs in many states across the country that offer financial assistance for both electricity and gas costs depending on customer income levels.

By following the tips above, you can reduce your utility bill and live an energy efficient life.

About the author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including family budgeting and home improvement.


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