Drilling Without Killing

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The June edition of Energy Digital is now live! By: Erik Gabaldon The organic and completely biodegradable deterioration preventative was utilized by o...

The June edition of Energy Digital is now live!

By: Erik Gabaldon

The organic and completely biodegradable deterioration preventative was utilized by one of the world’s top oil field service, oil and gas competitors—the Weatherford Company.

Weatherford chose the Kanoo Group (Cortec’s distributor in the middle-east) and its head engineers to configure globally friendly methods to restore oil-drilling tools that were subjected to oxidation and similar damaging effects using Cortec’s VpCI technology.

After a scrutinized evaluation of the drilling tools at Weatherford, engineers from Kanoo Group   discovered exterior and interior coats of heavy rust. From this, engineers composed a corrosion solution, exercising Cortec’s patent, toxic-free, VpCI -422 rust eliminator.

From the application of the organic product, rust-abrading and other corrosion removal techniques were evaded, leaving the metal surfaces blemish-free and drilling utilities without cosmetic and serious damage.

The VpCI -422 corrosion removal product is completely harmless to humans and the environment—emanating zero toxins, making an effective, yet harmless product for sensitive landscapes and marine use. The simplicity of the product and bio-qualities allows the consumer a low-percentage disposal rate, which most chemical applications for commercial use can be hazardous, costly and harmful to the earth and the ozone layer.

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By using Cortec’s innovative VpCI -422 product, Weatherford’s tools for drilling were refurbished successfully and put back to regulation standards. In addition, Cortec provided a VpCI -414 solution spray, a supplemental protection to prevent rust and corrosion for an extra 3-4 weeks. This simple method reduces cleaning duration and is extremely cost effective in contrast to machine rust protection.

Weatherford was pleased how well the team at Kanoo Group assimilated the task, employing Cortec’s highly evolved products and techniques. Cortec Corporation remains a leading advocate in eco-friendly products and proudly produces organic quality.         


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