How to Beat the Prices at the Pump

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Although gas prices are soaring across the US, not everyone is ready to make an investment in an electric vehicle just yet. For those of us just tryin...


Although gas prices are soaring across the US, not everyone is ready to make an investment in an electric vehicle just yet. For those of us just trying to get by for the time being, here are a few tips to save some bucks at the pump:

  1. Pay in cash: Your credit card may reward you 1 percent at the pump, but many gas stations offer 10 cents off per gallon for paying in cash, or a 2.5 percent discount.

  2. Use an app: Smartphones today have a plethora of apps to help you locate the cheapest gas stations nearby such as GasBuddy and FuelFinder.

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  3. Utilize wholesaler membership: If you're a member of Costco or Sam's Club, member gas stations often offer much better rates than your local Arco.

  4. Get a gas company loyalty card: Loyalty cards like the BP Visa Card offer a 5 percent rebate on all gas purchases at certain stations.

  5. Get a cash back card for gas: Some gas stations offer rewards for filling up at that station. The Discover Open Road card, for example, offers a $10 cash back bonus for each of the first five gas purchases over $25 in addition to 2 percent back on all gas station purchases.

  6. Rent electric on vacation: Hertz and Enterprise offer electric vehicles to rent. If you're planning on doing a lot of driving, the upgrade may actually save you more in fuel money.

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  7. Avoid off-highway fuel: Sometimes, driving just a few blocks to a couple miles off the freeway will lead you to a gas station with significantly lower prices than stations strategically placed near freeways. Again, whip out your smartphone to look for those nearby deals.

  8. Stock up before holidays: It's not uncommon for stations to exploit the rate of increased traffic during holidays and long weekends. Make sure you always fill up a couple days before an approaching holiday weekend to avoid spikes in prices.





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