May 19, 2020

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good: Fact-based approach to coal ash management

Bizclik Editor
Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good spoke April 2 at the Hood Hargett luncheon in Charlotte, N.C. "We are also committed to a fact-based and disciplined approach to addressing the long-term policies of ash basin management and ash basin closures. Fact-based and disciplined because it's a complex issue ... We have been storing ash for nine decades. We operate 33 ash basins. There are 650 ash basins around the U.S. When you talk about something of that magnitude, it's going to take science, it's going to take time, it's going to take engineering. Every site is situated differently, and needs to be addressed with an engineered solution that is fact-based and disciplined. "There are also regulations that the EPA is continuing to address around ash. And we need to make sure that, as we develop solutions, those solutions make sense given where the regulations are going.

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