May 19, 2020

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good: North Carolina can lead policy for ash management

Bizclik Editor
Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good spoke on April 2 at the Hood Hargett luncheon. "Finally, we need to continue to think about balance. Of course we must protect the environment. And, of course, we must promote safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity. We can't do one; we have to do both. "Our commitment to you, as we work through this, we will work through it in a fact-based and disciplined way. The state of North Carolina and the lawmakers have demonstrated an ability, over time, to lead on energy policy. I think about the early part of the 2000s, Clean Smokestacks was an initiative in North Carolina to really move forward and lead on air quality. And this represents an opportunity for North Carolina and Duke Energy to lead on policies around ash and ash basins."

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