May 19, 2020

EDF Energy Central Functions Careers

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Discover what it's like working for EDF Energy in a central functions role. Video transcript EDF Energy to me means connecting people and building relationships. Within CIA we are the EISAC team, so Enterprise, IT, Strategy, Architecture and Change, and we do a lot of business partnering, with the different business functions, such as HR, Finance, CIA and Strategy and Corporate Affairs. I am an Environmental Strategy Manager, in the Sustainability and Environmental Leadership team. To me, working at EDF Energy means having a great working experience. The best thing about my job is to help the company improve its environmental performance and to help protect the environment. I'm Fiona Jackson, I'm Head of Strategic Resourcing and I work in Corporate HR. You spend a lot of time at work and you need to be able to enjoy the work and feel that you are contributing to something that's bigger than just the organisation itself. There are lots of opportunities in EDF Energy to help improve the environment so for example we're doing a Water Footprint Analysis. The Water Footprint Analysis looks at the water use across the company and tries to identify optimisations and reductions. I love talking to people, so actually it's great to just be able to speak to different stakeholders from across the business. We are located all over the country, we have people in our Doxford office, Plymouth, Exeter, London, and having those collaboration tools is great, just to keep connected. But nothing beats face-to-face. Being in a hot desk environment, it's great to meet new faces. I think it just ensures that you're a lot more structured and you plan ahead for your day. Working in a Corporate HR team, and having really strong business units and very diverse business units, the needs are sometimes different. So it's about making sure we've got things that are sort of common, but also fit for purpose. And that can take a lot of stakeholder engagement. Having that career path and knowing where I'm going, that close relationship with your team, and knowing that they care about your wellbeing is very important. There's some great career opportunities, there's opportunities to move between different functions, between different teams, between different parts of the business. Feel better energy, to me, means working together as employees and as customers and really supporting and advocating what EDF Energy do as a company. The advice I'd give my friends if they were joining EDF Energy was to be enthusiastic , to join the Company Makers programme, to join one if not all of the different company networks. Feel Better Energy, for us, means having a great place to work, making sure that we're really giving something to the organisation but we really get something back out of it out of it, in really good meaningful work. And it also means making sure that our organisation is in the right place to make our customers feel better.

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