May 19, 2020

EDF Energy Engineering Careers

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Discover what it's like working for EDF Energy in an Engineering role. For more information please see Transcript To me, EDF Energy means interesting technical challenges, and having your priorities right. My name's Alex Wilcox, I'm a Reactor Desk Engineer. I'd be responsible for one of the two reactors we have at Heysham 2. So we cover 24 hours a day, looking after the reactors and associated plant from the control room. My name's Ian Stewart, I'm Station Director at Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Station. To me, EDF Energy means working together to produce low carbon, safe electricity to the nation. My name's Alex Thompson, I'm an Environmental Safety Engineer and I work in the Environmental Safety Group. As a trainee accredited health physicist, my role within the team is to shadow other health physicists in order to learn the plant and learn the science and legislation that comes with the job. To me, EDF Energy is part of working as a team and enjoying the company of the people I work with. What I find rewarding about working in the team is everyone's really willing to help, for a start. When we're faced with something unexpected, this is where the teams across EDF Energy really come to fruition as it were. Any challenge actually gets turned into an opportunity, and it's really rewarding from a personal perspective. This is a company that can be trusted on the things that matter and you can see that from the fact that when people have a concern, then they say so, and they make sure that the changes that need to happen do. To me, Feel Better Energy means working on a nuclear power station, being able to supply low carbon power, especially in a time such as this when, you know, carbon emissions are very much in the public eye. Feel Better Energy would be carrying things out in a way that agrees with your conscience. The Feel Better Energy aspect, what it means to us is that nuclear electricity is getting through to the home. It actually makes you feel very proud that you've provided low carbon, high quality, cost effective energy. Yeah, it's great to have a career that builds on the degree I did. You have a minimum amount of continuing training that happens each year, making sure you can still respond to faults as well as before. I think the support and training is excellent. I started on the Health Physics Grad Scheme. There were four external courses that I had to do, so that gets me that little bit closer to becoming a full, accredited Health Physicist on plant here where I can start being more useful to the team and, you know, making a difference. For me personally, as part of my values, I want to be doing something that is respected, if you like, by society. It's a company that wants to do the right thing for the environment, that produces a product that's good for the future of the nation. And EDF Energy supporting me in my career and my values and ambitions is awesome!

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