May 19, 2020

Weatherspoon Implosion November 22, 2013

Bizclik Editor
Duke Energy is transforming the way we provide energy to our customers. We will have retired seven of our 14 coal-fired plants by the end of 2013, and once retired, these plants enter our decommissioning program. This is a comprehensive, site-specific and methodical process that takes several years to complete. After more than two years of planning and preparation, the remaining portions of Duke Energy Progress' W.H. Weatherspoon Power Plant, in Lumberton, N.C., were imploded by our demolition specialist on November 22, 2013. By retiring, decommissioning and demolishing our older, less efficient coal units, Duke Energy has the opportunity to modernize our generation fleet to better serve our customers in the future. With the culmination of the demolition activities, Duke Energy will be able to move forward with our ultimate goal of removing the coal plant entirely and restoring the site to ground level.

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