Desenvix e Enex

Desenvix e Enex

Desenvix adds tradition to sector with excellence in the renewable energy area...

Written by: Flavia Brancato

With the purpose of identifying, evaluating and developing business opportunities in the area of renewable energy, in almost two decades Desenvix has already developed and contributed to the implementation of over 5,300 MW in electric energy generation enterprises operating in Brazil. 

The tradition and excellence in the electricity sector led the company to an even higher level. Focusing on the development, implementation and operation of new projects in the area of generation and transmission of electric energy from renewable sources is one of Desenvix major goals. Among Hydroelectric Power Plants, Small Hydroelectric Power Plants, Thermoelectric Power Plants and Wind Power Plants, there are altogether 15 enterprises in operation to produce 100 percent renewable electricity, with own installed capacity of 349 MW. 

Moreover, the company takes part, with 25.5 percent, in two 511 km-long transition lines under implementation. The extensive portfolio of projects totals no less than 2,960.8 MW of capacity installed, comprised of 17 Priority Projects under Development in addition to 21 Projects under Development.


Desenvix CEO, Roberto Coas, proudly assumes that the work focused on renewable energy projects, together with steady financial and corporate governance principles, was and continues to be of essence to the growth and the consistent development of the company. “We work to achieve excellence in all of our activities. Our Plants in the Wind Farm of Bahia, for example, have the best performance in wind energy generation among the participants of the National Integrated System, with average capacity factor of 48 percent in the last twelve months, according to the Monthly Bulletin of Wind Energy Generation.” On the occasion, he also highlights the success in the operations of the plants of Novo Horizonte and Seabra, which ranked  first and second respectively, in the overall ranking.

The achievements along the way are also key factors that justify the primacy. In September 2011, Desenvix purchased the entire share control of Enex – a company specialized in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of power plants, substations and electricity transmission lines. Holding 100 percent of the capital, the company currently works as a provider of operation and maintenance services for power plants and electric systems. 

To that end, a few months ago, Enex O&M became the largest company of O&M in Brazil, totaling 46 agreements distributed in 75 plants – 40 of which are Small Hydroelectric Power Plants and 24 being Wind Power Plants – and about 1.8 GW in operation. Coas further points out that “in only eight years of operation, the company already accounts for 13 percent of the national total of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (in volume of companies, excluding companies that perform O&M for their own assets). Enex O&M goal is to ensure high productivity with reduced costs and great agility.”

An important point is the geographical location of the company, which brings a reduction of costs for clients. Furthermore, the Operation Center (COS) located in Florianópolis concentrates all the activities, quickly solving problems in remote locations, by making use of several resources available to the company across the country. “We see a great potential for growth for O&M, particularly considering the wind energy projects to be developed in the coming years,” adds the CEO. 

Still prioritizing sustainability in all the projects involved, Desenvix has in its operating system a strict environmental assessment that takes into account, for example, changes in the environment and influences on the socio-economic environment in the areas of direct and indirect influence of the enterprises. Going further, since 2004 the Engevix Institute – a social responsibility project of Engevix Engenharia S.A – has had the mission of promoting an improvement in the quality of life for low-income communities of the Great Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina. The program targets the education and the recovery of citizenship of its target audience, by seeking ways of enhancing learning and the creative capacity of the community, assisting in their social development. 


When it comes to management models, the company adopts high standards of corporate governance according to the standards required from publicly-held companies, such as, for example, the adoption of a Board of Directors and Audit Committee, hiring of external audit and maintenance of the Area of Relationship with Investors.

As for professional qualification, according to Coas, skilled labor is one of the major challenges for the company, particularly for Enex O&M. “This is a quite specific labor, especially when it comes to O&M for wind farms. This is an area that should attract many jobs in a near future. Today we have difficulty in finding this kind of labor and invest in training, which has proved to be a successful formula because we have managed to put together a sound performance in all regions of the Country, which is crucial to support our customers with agility,” he explains. 
Another key element regarding strategies to improve quality, health and safety, in addition to continuous investments in technology, is to keep dedicated professionals committed to the company mission. “To that end, we invest heavily in our personnel, outsourcing when necessary and focusing on the development of activities directly related to the business,” explains Coas. 


On September 22, 2010, after a corporate restructuring held for the indirect entry of Fundação dos Economiários Federais (FUNCEF) in its capital, the Company started to operate under the corporate name “Desenvix Energias Renováveis S.A.” (Desenvix). In September 2011, Desenvix was granted the registration of publicly-held Company by the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM), and then had the Company shares listed on Bovespa Mais.

In March 2012, the Norwegian government-owned company SN Power became a shareholder of Desenvix holding 40.65 percent of the company capital; Jackson Empreendimentos holds the same percentage; and Fundação dos Economiários Federais (Funcef), 18.7 percent. Due to changes in the share control of SN Power Group, in June 2014, SN Power Brasil Investimentos Ltda. changed its corporate name into Statkraft Investimentos Ltda. Statkraft is a Norwegian company, the leader and the largest renewable energy generation company of Norway, and the third largest in the Nordic region of Europe since the 1990s, working in the segments of hydroelectric energy, wind energy and urban heating gas.


Keeping pace with the great potential for renewable energies in the sector, doubtlessly Desenvix diversification becomes even more remarkable. Coas celebrates the favorable winds considering that “first of all, it is important to emphasize that we see this force in the market for renewable energies, especially for wind farms. Dependence upon rainfall rates and the hydrological character of the Brazilian energy model, together with high prices of the energy and its distribution across the country, has encouraged the Government and the sector in general to focus their attentions on renewable energies such as wind energy and solar energy, in addition to biomass.”

Still, the evident impact of MP 579 – Provisional Measure addressing the reduction of charges in the rate and the renewal of concessions in the electricity sector, added to the crisis now faced by the energy sector, definitely bring up some obstacles. “Certainly (such factors) represent challenges with which we are coping very well, thanks to our steady financial principles and focus on actions that can increase the company productivity and efficiency,” says Coas with satisfaction.

When asked how he sees Desenvix five years from now, CEO Roberto Coas is honest. “For us, 2014 was a very important year, for establishing the financial principles, improving our debt profile, downsizing the structure, investing in productivity. For the coming years, we will work on new projects and we are, for now, watching and studying all the possibilities.” He adds, “and it is crucial to point out that we currently have a company with sound financial principles.”

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