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Written by: America Barcelo Feldman


Green Energy

Green engineering in different procedures has been strengthened with options made available via sustainable energy, procuring energy savings, and care for the environment. Business lines are subject to retrofitting as a substitute for lighting.

The energy systems unit raised the use of energy management, control, and measurement by incorporating sustainable systems and measures for electric power savings; for example, the use of sensors for automatic light control. Also, the company is using more and more renewable energy; a system for using solar energy became a recent acquisition

"We are always doing our best at being avant-garde, that's the reason we are constantly improving production quality under ISO 9001:2008 standards," Estrada said.


Human Factor

Each of Leviton's facilities have everything they need – regarding equipment, working methods, and procedures – in order to keep up with a high production levels; employees receive the benefits required by labor law as well as ongoing training and social programs.

"Our most important distinguishing feature is the human factor," said Estrada. The executive states that one of the facts he's most proud of are the workers with the most seniority in the company; he's a good example of this himself by working for Leviton during 27 years. He added that the perfect mix is the personnel with seniority along the new college-educated young professionals joining Leviton.



The supply chain for the company has strengthened thanks to the suppliers' contribution to cost reduction, timely deliveries, and production. "Logistics is one of the most important factors for Leviton's success," said Estrada.

The continuous expansion of manufacturing plants is a key factor to supply total product demand.




Under Leviton's vision and legacy to innovate, the company invested recently in the acquisition of the latest technology with the purpose of upgrading manufacturing procedures and end product.

These innovations consist in upgrading production procedures using advanced machinery reducing production completion time.

In the near future the company will introduce devices related to new energy trends with functions adaptable to renewable energy and different voltage rates.


Expansion and Growth

The three largest Leviton facilities (U.S., Mexico, and China) have increased their activities and production in recent years. During 2014 these plants will focus on increasing the company's presence in North America and expansion into different markets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia.


Leviton's Future

When asked about the company's future plans, Estrada said: "I see a brilliant future."

Leviton will focus on maximizing its highest-quality products to make the most of the global logistics structures with production from the plants in China, United States, and Mexico.

Also, its outstanding supply chain will include new suppliers, which will be a driving force for future products.

"Leviton's success is based on satisfying the market's needs, our human factor, and the trust among our distributors and customers; those are the reasons behind the worldwide presence shared by our products," he said.


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