Schneider Electric appoints Mark Yeeles Secure Power VP

Mark Yeeles joins Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division from its UK Industrial Automation Business after a period of sustained growth

Starting April 2023, Mark Yeeles will take on the responsibility of driving profitable growth for Schneider Electric's data centre customers, end-users, and IT channel partners. His role will involve addressing challenges related to data centre sustainability, efficiency, energy security, and resilience, and will work with the company's OT and electrical channels.

Mark Yeeles comes to this role from Schneider Electric's Industrial Automation business, where he achieved sustained growth through robotics and process automation solutions.

“I’m honored to have been appointed the new VP for the Secure Power Division in the UK and Ireland, and look forward to working with our customers to solve their challenges in the wake of the energy crisis,” said Mark Yeeles. “I believe that ecosystem collaboration is vital to help this sector address its environmental impact, and that by harnessing the power of software and digitalisation to unlock new efficiencies and minimise energy waste, we will ensure data centres play a key role in a more resilient and sustainable future.”

Commenting on the appointment, Marc Garner, SVP, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric, Europe said, “I’m delighted to name Mark Yeeles my successor for the UK and Ireland and believe both his appointment and his customer-first approach will be essential as we continue to grow our engagement and relationships with owners, operators, and partners across this mission-critical sector.”

Accelerating Electricity 4.0 and data centres of the future

As VP for the Secure Power Division in the UK and Ireland, Mark will also deliver the company’s vision for Electricity 4.0 - which pertains to Schneider Electric's vision of the future of electricity, harnessing the power of digitalisation to reduce CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption, and embrace grid-ready technologies to ensure that data centres can become part of a sustainable, resilient energy system.

Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division provides data centre physical infrastructure solutions for customers using data centres, server rooms and edge computing solutions. Its EcoStruxure™ Data Centre Solutions, for example, bring together racks, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), energy efficient cooling systems, and data centre infrastructure management software (DCIM) systems to support IT equipment in mission-critical environments.


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