CIO of WaterNSW

Combined, Adrian Langdon, Executive Manager System Operations and Ian Robinson, CIO have more than 30 years of experience in water and utility services. 

“My name is Ian Robinson, I’m the Chief Information Officer for WaterNSW. I've been here for three years and my role involves the transformation of its systems, and the implementation of a new capability that enables the business to extract value out of technology,” begins Robinson.

Langdon adds: “My name is Adrian Langdon, I am the Executive Manager of System Operations at WaterNSW. My key role in the organisation is to ensure the delivery of water to our customers, and the delivery of information on how water is being managed, along with the availability of water in the system for our customers moving forward. 

Working for the company since its founding, Langdon reflects on his time at the company and how it has evolved: “We still supply water, this is something that hasn’t changed, but the level of customer engagement and the amount of information that we are providing to customers now, compared to before, has grown. We have also shifted from traditional paper interactions with customers to digital interactions, and it is this journey in particular that we are focusing on now, taking previously office-based work online. In the last eight months, a lot of our meetings and similar operations with people around the state are being conducted through Microsoft Teams. This is an area where we are seeing some big changes since I joined the company.”

Founded in 2015, WaterNSW is a state-owned corporation, established under the WaterNSW Act 2014. Operating the state rivers and water supply systems, WaterNSW supplies two-thirds of the water used in NSW to regional towns, irrigators, Sydney Water Corporation and local water utilities.

Robinson explains that one of the core missions for the company is to use technology to improve the way WaterNSW communicates and engages with its customers in communities across New South Wales. “We want to make it much easier and more efficient for them to be able to deal with us, to be able to interact with us, and also to be able to get information from us in an efficient and timely manner when and where they actually need it, instead of relying on times when we're open.”

When asked about their inspirations in their career, Langdon reflects: “What really inspires me is the customer, that relationship with the customer and what meeting their expectations looks like for us going forward. That is what really inspires me; trying to improve that customer relationship. Whether it's supplying water or information, we want to be the best we can, and we really want to try to meet the expectations of our customers going forward."


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We've established a transformation agenda based on a vision of the future that describes what the workforce of the future will be doing that is different to today
Author name
Ian Robinson
Job Title, Company
CIO of WaterNSW
Water, being a limited resource, requires us to work with our customers to ensure that we manage it in the most efficient way possible, and we have to do that in a partnership
Author name
Adrian Langdon
Job Title, Company
Executive Manager System Operations

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