Oil & gas company Kazanci Holding names new vice chairman

Kazanci Holding, an oil & gas company, has appointed Naci Agbal to take on active role in the executive committees of Kazanci Holding, Aksa Energy

Kazanci Holding, the Turkish oil and gas conglomerate, and its subsidiary, Aksa Energy, have announced the appointment of a new vice chairman of the board, Naci Agbal.

In a statement, the companies said that Agbal, the former Minister of Finance and Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, will take on an active role in the executive committees of Kazanci Holding, Aksa Energy and other companies in the Aksa Group.

Facing the changing global energy market

Via its subsidiaries under the Aksa brand, Kazanci Holding has grown its operations across 22 countries, and aims to continue expanding its targets and organisation, the statement said. It added that with the addition of Agbal, the executive committee of the organisation has been strengthened.

"We put an intensive effort to become a 'strong global player' with AKSA Group of Companies in the rapidly changing global energy markets that offer a wide variety of opportunities," a company spokesperson said. "We are determined to grow in international markets by blending our deep experience and key competencies in the energy sector with our global vision."

Institutionalisation and globalisation in the energy sector

The statement outlined the new responsibilities of the Kazanci Holding Executive Committee as being:

  • Cemil Kazanci – Chairman of the Executive Committee of Kazanci Holding and Aksa Energy
  • Naci Agbal – Vice Chairman of Globalisation Strategies and Financial Affairs of Kazanci Holding
  • Omer Muzaffer Baktir – Chairman of Finance of Kazanci Holding and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Aksa Power Generation
  • Necati Baykal – Member of the Executive Committee of Kazanci Holding and Aksa Power Generation
  • Barıs Erdeniz – Member of the Executive Committee of Kazanci Holding Business Support Functions and Chairman of Executive Committee of Aksa Electricity, Agriculture and Tourism Groups

"In line with our strategy that builds on creating value for all our stakeholders, especially for our shareholders, we will intensify our effort to increase and diversify our investments," the spokesperson continued. 

"We will support this strategy with a strong institutionalisation. The participation of Naci Agbal to Kazanci Holding and Aksa Energy as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors will add great strength and value to us both in the formation of our global strategy and in shaping our strong financial structure in line with our global strategy.”

Kazanci Holding is a leading energy sector business. Founded in the 1950s, the company has more than 9,000 employees, production on four continents, operations in 22 countries, and customers across 176 countries.


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