TC Energy moves infrastructure to the cloud with AWS

By William Girling
A recent press release has announced that TC Energy will be moving its entire infrastructure onto Amazon’s cloud platform AWS. Based in Calgary, Cana...

A recent press release has announced that TC Energy will be moving its entire infrastructure onto Amazon’s cloud platform AWS.

Based in Calgary, Canada, TC Energy (TCE) is hoping that integrating its data will enable greater automation, help the company unlock the value of its ‘dark data’ and improve the energy efficiency of the entire business.

So far, the company has migrated 90% of its commercial and corporate applications, including its SAP platform, to the AWS cloud.

TCE reportedly selected Amazon’s platform for its expansive features, which include machine learning capabilities, serverless usage and advanced analytics. 

Going digital

Like many other companies, TCE recognised the value and utility of digital in response to COVID-19 disruption, particularly as its employees had to work remotely during lockdown conditions. This was ultimately facilitated by Amazon Workspaces - a virtual desktop.

However, although migrating to the cloud has already reaped significant benefits for the company (30% reduction in SAP workload costs), TCE’s journey actually began in 2017 when it decided to focus on modernising its operations. 

“Since moving to AWS, we’ve shifted our focus to automating workflows and unlocking efficiencies, rather than operating infrastructure and managing costly and complex upgrades,” said Chris Foster, VP and CIO.


“The visibility we now have across our business has helped us to drive efficiency in our operations and explore new solutions to advance our efforts on environmental stewardship to reduce our impact on land disturbance, carbon intensity, and energy consumption. 

“Our teams identify business hurdles and work with Information Services to develop new cloud-native applications in a way that just wasn’t possible before we started running on AWS.”

Changing businesses with cloud

TCE’s journey is a prime example of how a well thought out cloud strategy can benefit a company holistically, not just in specific, mundane or technical areas.

With automation continuing to be a focal topic in the energy sector and beyond, cloud provides the foundation for any IoT (internet of things) and/or AI (artificial intelligence) applications that a company may wish to factor into their tech strategy.

“By going all-in on AWS, the company is innovating at a faster clip and unlocking insights that are helping to improve the operational efficiency of energy delivery, as well as enhancing its conservation and sustainability practices,” said Mike Clayville, VP at AWS.

“They’re finding ways to boost capacity and changing the way they approach business issues. TC Energy is an example of how organisations today can use the power of the cloud to transform their business.”

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