Feb 2, 2018

Volvo Trucks are considering LNG for truck fuel

Sophie Chapman
2 min
Volvo Trucks belives in two years 10% of its sales in Sweden will be fueled by LNG
The Director of Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks, Lars Martensson, announced the firm’s plan to investigate using LNG as a fuel f...

The Director of Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks, Lars Martensson, announced the firm’s plan to investigate using LNG as a fuel for trucks.

Martensson made the announcement about alternative power for long-range trucks on 31 January in Vienna, during a gas conference.

The company are especially confident about bringing LNG to Sweden’s truck market.

“We have made an estimate for the Swedish market ... - it’s a good indication of the potential that we see - for Sweden we have stated that ... within the next (two to three) years we believe that about 10 percent of our sales will be LNG trucks,” Lars Martensson informed Reuters.


“When I say 10 percent for the Swedish market, then we say for Sweden we speak about several hundred trucks ... If we would take that as an indication of Europe, then we speak of many thousand trucks in Europe using LNG,”

“In some countries where LNG trucks exist already today and where there’s a good infrastructure like in Spain, (Britain), the Netherlands, of course there the potential is higher than other countries ... like Germany where we’re starting from another level, so there we have bigger challenges in order to reach 10 percent.”

“We have customers who are interested in replacing all their existing diesel vehicles with LNG and those customers in some cases are operating several hundred trucks. So it’s definitely big volumes we’re speaking about.”

“The price is set country by country ... It will be more expensive but with 30-40 percent lower cost for energy compared with diesel the pay-back will be good for customers and by pay-back we speak about maybe two to three years.”

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May 6, 2021

Global Offshore rebrands Enelift and invests in global hubs

Dominic Ellis
2 min
Enelift plans to augment existing solutions with robotics and remote operational and training technology

Global Offshore has rebranded Enelift and will invest "a seven-figure sum" in establishing new support hubs in Houston, Dubai, Singapore, Perth and the Caspian during the next six months.

The investment will cover oil, gas and renewables, mainly concentrating on manufacturing capability with associated R&D, as well as in stock held in the hubs.

The company’s flagship Hinge Lok technology provides aluminium, non-welded light weight transportation cradle for casing and tubing. Enelift now plans to enhance its offering by augmenting its existing solutions with robotics and remote operational and training technology, which will reduce manpower for handling offshore equipment that is transported and stored using the Hinge Lok system.

Enelift is partnering with "a Japanese robotics company" and the technology will be trialed with "a Norwegian operator on a Norwegian drilling rig", according to a statement.

Operating from its bases in Aberdeen, UK and Esbjerg, Enelift was founded by 35-year industry veteran and Managing Director Paul Brebner 10 years ago to offer the offshore energy industries safe, reliable and efficient storage and transportation of equipment.

The expansion plans are bolstered by the appointment of Jim Clark of the Craigendarroch Group to Chairman, and Adam Maitland to Non-Executive Director. Maitland is the Managing Director of Hutcheon Mearns IF, and brings his wealth of expertise in the field of corporate finance.

Brebner said Enelift may be a new name in the market, but the experience it brings is "industry renowned".

"Our solutions are underpinned by safety that enables inefficiencies and their associated costs to be eradicated – meaning operational personnel can focus doing what they do best, safely. We remain committed to providing the safest storage and transportation solutions for equipment in the sector as we grow our global operations," he said.

Clark said the market is changing and its solutions fully support customers’ economic and safety aspirations.

"We are very well placed to take full advantage of increasing opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and Americas. Safety is our absolute commitment to our customers and our support hubs will facilitate this. Aligning our identity to our entire offering ensures that we will drive our expansion through new products and global support sites across the rest of this year."


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