Wood and Gassco partner with European energy supplies

Wood signs three-year contract with Norwegian operator Gassco to renovate gas receiving facilities across Europe

Wood, the global consulting and engineering company, has signed a three-year contract with Norwegian state-owned operator Gassco to support the transportation of gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf to terminals across the UK and Europe.

The contract will see Wood work closely with Gassco to renovate the gas receiving facilities through the provision of engineering, procurement and construction management services across the Easington (UK), Zeebrügge (Belgium), Dunkerque (France), Dornum (Germany), and Emden (Germany, pictured) gas receiving terminals.

Combined, these terminals receive around 100 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf annually, meaning they are critical to ensure safe, secure and efficient energy supply to Europe in the face of increasing demand.

Craig Shanaghey, Wood’s President of Operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa, said the tie-up will expand its geographical and portfolio footprint in Europe.

“With complete alignment to Gassco’s vision of securing energy supply, we will renovate and increase the efficiency of their onshore terminals, helping to ensure safe and efficient gas receipt across the UK and Europe and, in turn, providing critical energy security as we transition to a net-zero future," he said.

Lars Fredrik Bakke, Wood’s Vice President of Operations in Norway, said it will bring its extensive experience in operating, maintaining, and upgrading critical energy infrastructure to ensure Gassco’s operations remain resilient.

“Our Norwegian team, with the support of our UK and global experts, will support the delivery of this contract, in turn securing local employment and strengthening Wood’s position as a leading engineering and operations partner for the energy industry," he said.

The contract will employ teams across Wood’s engineering hubs and the terminal sites in the UK and across continental Europe.

Wood, which announced last month it will pull out from Russia, recently unveiled its new steam methane reforming (SMR) technology, which it claims can achieve 95% CO2 emissions reduction, compared with a traditional hydrogen production plant.

The technology aims to counter inefficiencies in energy, heat production and industrial processes, which together account for more than half of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Wood believes the pathway to reduce these emissions and create a more sustainable future, whilst also meeting increasing demand for energy, lies in reducing the carbon intensity of hydrogen production.

Gassco delivered 113.2bn cubic metres (BCM) through the pipeline network in 2021, up by six BCM from the year before. Norwegian deliveries of natural gas now meet roughly a quarter of Europe’s energy consumption.

“2021 was characterised by a high level of activity and a large number of enquiries concerning the assessment of new tie-ins to the transport system,” said Frode Leversund, CEO of Gassco. “This tells us with all clarity how great the need for natural gas is in Europe, and how important this commodity is as a reliable energy source on the road to emission-free alternatives.” 


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