Bahrain’s EWA tenders landfill for solar farm

A landfill site in Bahrain will be redeveloped to host a solar project with a minimum capacity of 100MW

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) has launched its tendering process to appoint a qualified contractor to remediate a 2-square-kilometre landfill site so as to prepare the plot for the development of a solar project with a minimum capacity of 100 megawatts.

Solar power project construction

Located in Askar, in the southern governorate of the country, the scope of the project will include the design and construction of a landfill gas extraction and treatment system to meet the requirements of environmental standards, as per the Supreme Council of Environment requirements. 

The project will also include land remediation, the development of gas and leachate management systems, and a drainage system to ensure the site readiness for the construction and operation of the solar project.

The tender scope also includes the site investigations to meet the required performance specification and environmental monitoring of the landfill site (leachate, groundwater contamination, air emissions, landfill gas treatment etc.) at agreed intervals up to 12 months following the completion of the site remediation.

Commenting on the launch of the tender Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, EWA's President said: "Bahrain is fully committed to the objectives of the COP26 and ultimately actionable goals and investments towards climate change. Converting this landfill site to a solar farm capable of producing 100 MW is one of many steps the country hopes to execute to realise the objective of bringing carbon emissions in Bahrain to net zero by 2060".

He added that the tender document sets out clear requirements for environmental standards, so as to ensure that the project adheres to best practice international guidelines, while also ensuring the safety of the site and longevity of the project. 

Renewable energy is a part of Bahrain's Economic Recovery Plan

Under a separate tender and in parallel to this project, EWA will be issuing a "Request for Proposal (RFP)" for developing a 100 MW solar plant located on the remediated landfill, he added.

As part of Bahrain's Economic Recovery Plan, the Kingdom plans to target investments worth US$30bn in strategic projects, creating new investment opportunities in infrastructure and priority sectors across the Kingdom, including renewable energy sectors such as blue and green hydrogen.


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