May 17, 2020

China's Solar Project Plans Shift

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China's solar panels
China solar panel
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Faced with heavy tariffs on imports to the US from China, plans for exporting mass amounts of solar panels may change
China's plans to develop $500 million worth of solar projects in California, New Jersey and Texas have been put on hold as of Monday in light of t...


China's plans to develop $500 million worth of solar projects in California, New Jersey and Texas have been put on hold as of Monday in light of the potential tariffs to be placed on solar panel imports.

"If the solar panel prices increase by, say 30 percent in the United States, following the move, then we would certainly drop the plan because there's no profit to be made," Cao Huabin, the general manager of CECEP Solar Energy, told media in Beijing.


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While the price of the panels accounts for the majority of the project's fees, Washington's imposed duties on imported products will raise overall costs and render the Chinese panels less competitive. Many solar manufactures in the US have called on Washington to impose hefty duties on Chinese solar imports, but any attempts to slow China's solar panel exports could also hurt the industry.

"If Chinese solar panel manufacturers can't survive, their equipment suppliers in Europe can't survive; if there are no cheap Chinese solar panels in the market, many U.S. solar power developers will be forced to stop their plans," he warned.

Regardless, Cao is hopeful that the booming solar market in China will offset any disruptions in overseas trade disputes. The country continues working on solar power installations to reach 10 GW by 2015 and 50 GW by 2020, according to local media reports.





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Aug 4, 2021

Sungrow links Europe's largest energy storage plant to grid

Dominic Ellis
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Europe's largest energy storage project, the 100MWh Minety plant with Sungrow's 1500V energy storage system solutions, has connected to the UK grid

Europe's largest energy storage project, the 100MW/100MWh Minety plant featuring Sungrow's 1500V energy storage system solutions, has been successfully connected to the UK grid.

The UK experienced the most debilitating blackout in nearly a decade in August 2019. The incident exposed the serious lack of frequency regulation of the national grid and demonstrated that the construction of energy storage projects that can regulate the frequency of the grid in a timely fashion should be prioritised. The Minety project, which began at the end of 2019, considerably mitigates the problem and is designed for facilitating grid stability and maximising renewable energy utilisation.

Sungrow supplied both NCM and LFP battery energy storage system solutions featuring high integration, which minimise the footprint, slash the commissioning duration and significantly reduce the system cost by 5%. The solution well meets the latest UK frequency regulation requirement called dynamic containment - requesting the plant to respond to the power instruction of the grid within 1 second, making the project one of the rare 30% of the UK's storage plants equipped with this function.

"We are proud of being part of this landmark project, offering solutions with extreme efficiency and safety while in compliance with the stringent UK grid codes," said James Wu, Vice President of Sungrow, which shipped more than 800MWh of energy storage systems in 2020.

Battery storage capacity in the UK is likely to heavily increase as move towards operating a zero-carbon energy system. At the end of 2019 the GB battery storage capacity was 0.88GWh. National Grid forecasts it could be as high as 2.30GWh in 2025.

Global energy storage updates

TEVOCS has announced the launch of a powerful series of universal portable power stations that provide reliable power for off-grid situations, travel, home backup and more. With an impressive 2080WH capacity and 2000W output, the TEVOCS power station is billed as 'the ultimate power station for modern life' and is available here.

Enlight Renewable Energy has completed the acquisition of 90.1% of the holdings in Clēnera LLC, a leading and seasoned company in the field of initiation, development, construction and operation of solar energy and energy storage projects in the United States.

Last month Canadian Solar Inc. was awarded the first utility-scale battery storage project in Colombia of 45 MW/45 MWh. The project was awarded in the public tender launched by Colombia's Ministry of Energy and Mines, via its affiliate UPME, the Mining and Energy Planning Unit. 

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