Isar Digital Ventures launches Renewables.Digital portal

By Dominic Ellis
Renewables.Digital portal lists 200 investors and developers so far and aims to serve as a directory for the fast-growing sector...

Munich-based company builder Isar Digital Ventures has launched the renewable energy platform Renewables.Digital.  

It aims to serve as a leading directory for renewable energy investors, developers, startups and projects as well as service and technology companies, thereby creating transparency in global renewable energy markets.

By creating a transparent and open-access renewable energy platform, the portal - which so far has 200 investors and developers listed - intends to advance business and investment in the green energy industry, while startups, investors and developers can introduce themselves to interested readers and possible candidates and to boost their business. 

Tamina Schneider, head of business development, said: "We are more than happy to make our contribution to fighting climate change by connecting capital, business and talent with the most exciting firms from the industry through Renewables.Digital."

In the coming weeks, renewable energy startups will be invited to be listed. The initial focus of the portal are European investors and companies, but the long-term goal is a global coverage. Investors, developers and startups from all over the world are invited to add their entry to's open-access database. 

In the last day alone, four leading energy business leaders and early-stage investors announced the formation of NuQuest Energy, a utility-scale renewable energy development company pursuing projects in the United States (click here).'s experienced research team will screen deals and funding rounds in the renewable energy industry on a weekly basis.

Renewables are not immune to the Covid-19 crisis, but are more resilient than other fuels. The IEA’s Global Energy Review 2020 projected renewables to be the only energy source to grow compared with 2019, in contrast to all fossil fuels and nuclear.

Globally, overall demand for renewables is expected to increase due to their use in the electricity sector. Even with end-use electricity demand falling significantly because of lockdown measures, low operating costs and priority access to the grid in many markets allow renewables to operate at near full capacity, enabling renewable generation to grow, the report states.


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